Free Yourself Through Your Belly Button

Information age

We are in a tug of war of information. We argue over what is real and what is fake, as if our lives depended on the answer. But, there is no real or fake information. Nobody can actually know what is real or fake. Fake and real are artificial.

People who know the Truth don’t get stuck in wordplay. What really matters is whether or not something is helpful to the whole.

People who fail to awaken to this become slaves of information and its purveyors and hurt each other. But you don’t have to be a slave. You can decide what is real or fake.

It’s when you don’t know your value that you are unable to determine what is real or fake. People who know their value decide for themselves, make promises, and keep them. Now, recognize how precious your value is, decide for yourself, and start acting on your promises.

Belly Button Healing is a method that can free you from the slavery of information. Through the belly button, you can connect to the origin of life energy, and gain a sense of the independent value of your existence. Just like air, water, and the rest of nature, your value does not depend on concepts and ideas. It is self-existent.

A new era is unfolding now. As you become the workers and decision-makers of the new era and transcend affiliation and categorization to move according to the decisions you have made, miraculous things will happen.

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