[Video] Ilchi Lee’s 7 Energy Exercises for Water Up, Fire Down for Health and Happiness Everyday

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Tap and press along the main energy circuit of the body to keep up the health of body and mind.

Water Up, Fire Down is an energy principle few people know about, but everyone should. This simple energy cycle is fundamental to our well-being. Since our body’s life energy links the body and mind, having this cycle running the right way keeps both body and mind running in a healthy and happy way.

Simply put, water energy runs up the back of the body from the kidneys and down the front until it reaches the heart. Fire energy runs down the front of the body from the heart and up the back until it reaches the kidneys. With this cycle, we have a cool head and a fire in our belly.

The Water Up, Fire Down Energy Cycle
The Water Up, Fire Down Energy Cycle

This water-fire pathway needs to be free and clear in order for the energy to flow smoothly. Otherwise, it’s easy for the energy to get stuck, backed up, and even reversed. So to maintain Water Up, Fire Down, we need to maintain this pathway. It’s easy to unblock different points along the pathway with vibration. Physically making vibrations by tapping or pressing the energy pathway, also called a meridian, breaks up energy that has become sluggish or clumped together.

Try the following exercises for opening up different parts of the pathway.

Head Tapping & Acupressure

Pressing and tapping all around the head and face.

Chest Tapping

Pressing and tapping all around the chest.

Joongwan Healing

Pressing or tapping the joongwan, a major energy point on the solar plexus.

Belly Button Healing

Pressing, tapping, or massaging the major energy point on the navel.

The following exercises not only open up the water-fire pathway through which the Water Up, Fire Down energy cycle runs, they also stimulate the energy flow so that it has enough power to keep going smoothly.

Intestinal Exercise

Rhythmic contraction of the lower abdominal muscle wall.

Up and Down Sitting Vibration

Repetitive stimulation of the pelvic floor, which reverberates throughout the body.

Longevity Walking

Walking in a correct posture for energy flow while focusing on stimulation of the bottoms of the feet.

It’s best to practice one or more of these exercises daily since energy flow becomes blocked easily and this basic Water Up, Fire Down flow affects the energy circulation of the entire body. Try pressing the points indicated in these exercises and seeing whether they are tender or painful. Discomfort at a particular point indicates an energy blockage, so keep tapping, pressing or massaging that point or following the video for that point.

The process of doing this practice every day can make us more in tune with our body and with ourselves overall. This self-awareness will help us maintain Water Up, Fire Down and discover more ways to be healthy and happy.

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