How to Clear Up Emotional Messes Every Day

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By focusing our attention on cosmic consciousness, we receive cosmic energy, which purifies emotional energy and lets us watch our emotions with detachment.

Every day, many of us go through a range of emotions. Even if we tend to be on an even keel, we may still have times when emotions make us wobble. Emotions are a natural part of being alive, and they have profound effects on our lives. They influence how we think about ourselves and others and alter our actions. Because they’re so encompassing and influential, it can be easy to lose track of the fact that our emotions don’t need to be in the driver’s seat.

Instead of being led by our emotions, we can hand the steering wheel of our lives to our true selves, the part of us that understands the big picture and has unconditional love for ourselves and for all life. It’s from this part of us that true and lasting peace and joy arise.

Take Charge of Emotions by Clearing Their Charge

What gives emotions their power is their “charge”—their energy. Emotions with a strong charge can overwhelm our thoughts and trigger a strong response. They can continue to instigate the same response even when their initial cause no longer exists, because the charge gets stored in our memory. The stronger the charge, the easier it is to pull that emotion from our memory and experience it again. Emotions from our past can rule our present, even if they don’t fit the situation.

We can diffuse the charge of our emotions and free ourselves from their influence, however. We can even “purify” the energy behind an emotion and transform it from negative to positive, or from dark to light.

Watch Emotions with Detachment

For many of us, our conscious mind is lost in thought and covered by sticky lumps of emotion. So our thoughts and emotions go unwatched. For example, let’s say that you have feelings of hatred and resentment toward someone, but those emotions feel so natural and obvious that you end up thinking and saying things that come from them. Instead of objectively watching your emotions, you end up justifying and rationalizing your feelings. This is a state in which your consciousness is stuck to emotions and they become amplified.

If we’re able to see our emotions from a few steps away, however, they can’t suddenly sneak up on us. They can’t fool us into thinking that an emotional response is the only response available to us. We can observe the emotions and then make a different choice.

We’re also able to more easily see that the conflicts and events in our personal relationships are merely a process for drawing out our emotions. Ordinarily, those emotions are not readily expressed outwardly because we suppress them with thought. Those feelings start to appear as they are revealed through clashes of different kinds. As they come up, we can watch them and learn from them.

This internal examination helps us not get caught up in our emotions. That’s why when emotions come up, it’s better to watch ourselves instead of concentrating on the person or situation that triggered them. Only then can we see the roots of our feelings, purify them, and make choices based on what our true self wants. Newsletter signup banner

Use the Power of the Cosmos to Overcome the Power of Emotions

We can start to separate our conscious mind from our emotions by turning its attention to something greater than our small selves or our ego. Cosmic energy and cosmic consciousness exists all around and inside us. It’s who we really are. If we focus on cosmic consciousness, then our brain starts to operate with information from cosmic consciousness. Then cosmic energy starts to circulate in our brain, weakening the thoughts of our ego and separating our consciousness from our emotions.

Separating our consciousness from emotional charge doesn’t necessarily happen all at once, though. Particularly if we have deeply embedded trauma or emotional habits that we’re not even aware of, the process can take time and we may go through several stages.

Stage 1: I Know I Should Separate, But I Don’t Want To
In the initial stages, we may feel, “I should escape from my emotions, but I don’t want to,” because the power of the emotional charge is great. We may have identified with our emotions for a long time, and pulling back may feel like we ourselves are dying instead of our emotions only losing the energy fed to them by our consciousness. When we are mired in feelings like hatred, resentment, jealousy, envy, anger, and fear, if we feel, “It’s only natural for me to feel this way,” then we are in a state in which our consciousness is stuck firmly to emotion. When we start to perceive that our emotional state is unhealthy, but we don’t want to let go of those feelings, then our consciousness has slightly separated from our emotions.

Stage 2: I Want to Separate, But I Doubt I Can
With a little more separation, we may think, “I should escape from these emotions, but can I, really? Escaping from them is unthinkable.” We may doubt our ability to be unaffected by the strong emotions we can still feel and witness.

Stage 3: I Trust I Can Separate
Once we pass that state, we may realize, “It’s a little awkward and embarrassing, but I can escape from those emotions.” At this point, we’ve separated our consciousness from our emotions enough that we can feel the process working and have hope that it will be completed. We’ve developed the will and confidence to escape from the charge of our emotions.

We can start to separate our conscious mind from our emotions by turning its attention to something greater than our small selves or our ego. Share on X

Pure Energy Purifies Emotional Energy

Cosmic energy is a powerful force for releasing emotional charge, or in other words, purifying emotional energy. When we pay attention to cosmic mind and the pure energy of cosmic energy enters and begins to circulate in our body and brain, it has the power to transform emotional energy into pure energy. With only pure energy inside us, we automatically feel joyful and peaceful at a basic level.

And as our true self acts with cosmic mind and makes choices, cosmic energy increases. Then the energy of our emotions purifies more and more.

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Make Time Every Day

Just as we rush to clean off dog poop if we step in it, it’s best to clean up our emotions when they happen. And we can make sure to take an emotional shower every night before we sleep so our charged up emotions don’t get embedded in and affect our mind. A nightly emotional shower makes sure the emotions of one day don’t affect the next.

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