5 Awakenings You Need to Know about Spiritual Sexuality

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Our experience of sexuality can be our choice and our creation based on our perspective and how we use our sexual energy.

Traveling around the world for the past thirty years, I’ve had many opportunities to speak to people of different backgrounds and ideologies. I’ve learned numerous things from them, and one discovery I made was that one’s attitude toward and experience with sexuality vastly influences the quality of one’s life, in both positive and negative ways.

Unfortunately, people’s dual perspectives on sex, especially their negativity or shame, often prevents them from leading more fulfilling and authentic lives. Sexual trauma causes even deeper suffering and lasting effects.

I’m not an expert on sexuality, but my own experiences and my awakenings through meditation and understanding of life energy have given me a perspective on sexuality that I believe is holistic, empowering, and nurturing. Newsletter signup banner

I’d like to share some key points of this perspective with you:

  1. Our sexual nature is part of our nature; there’s no reason to feel guilty about having that nature. Millions of years of evolution have given us a sophisticated system of neural pathways and hormonal systems that make us feel good and fuel our attraction to and union with others. It’s part of what makes us human and alive. Almost all of us ultimately came from a sexual act.
  2. We each have a right to choose how we feel about and experience sex. Our experience of sex is private, regardless of the society we find ourselves in. It’s also important to our well-being.
  3. Sex is an experience of our spirit, not just of our senses. When we harmonize the physical and spiritual aspects of sexuality, our expression of sexual energy can shift dramatically. Mature sex is an art, a healing, true communication that unites the body and spirit. Sex is at its best when it’s aligned with our health, well-being, and life purpose. On the flip side, sex can exert inappropriate influence on our judgment or be used to control others or boost our ego. It can become an addiction that warps our relationships or keeps us from our true selves.
  4. Mature sex means responsible sex. Responsibility means accepting that we create our circumstances and our experience. It also means creating our sexual life, like other aspects of our lives, consciously and in the image of our truest values and vision.
  5. We all have sexual energy; it’s one of the most powerful energies inside us. It’s a creative energy that’s central to life. When sexual energy, which originates in the lower abdomen, is activated, it moves around the body. If not managed well, it can rise to the head and manifest in preoccupations and dreams. We need the energy center in our lower abdomen to be strong and full of energy in order to use instead of being controlled by our sexual energy. Exercises such as deep abdominal breathing strengthen this energy center while concentrating and transforming sexual energy so that we can use it to enhance our sexual experience and even to create what we want in our lives. Concentrated sexual energy can heighten our vitality and passion for life. It can power the creation of art, music, and writing and fuel our social or political endeavors. When sexual energy flows naturally, we experience the greatest harmony in our relationships.
Exercises such as abdominal breathing strengthen the abdominal energy center while concentrating and transforming sexual energy so that we can use it to enhance our sexual experience and even to create what we want in our lives. Click To Tweet

I hope to talk more about this important topic with you. Please join me for a YouTube Live on the Brain Education TV channel for a Q&A on “Spirituality in Sex” on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern.

**This blog post was based on my book, Human Technology: A Toolkit for Authentic Living.

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