[Video] Q&A with Ilchi Lee on Sex, Marriage, and Relationships on Brain Education TV

Ilchi Lee joined Linda Yoonjin Suh and Gabi Petrylaite of Brain Education TV for a YouTube live on September 14, 2021 to answer questions about sex, marriage, and relationships.

Three main questions were answered:
1. There are some people on a spiritual path who experience shame and guilt when sexual desire arises and especially when they give in to such desires. What are your thoughts on practicing sex and spirituality? Can we experience both together? In other words, can we have a healthy relationship with sex, and if so, how?

2. The divorce rate around the world is over 50%. What are your thoughts on why so many marriages end in divorce when people get married in the first place to live a long, happy life together with their partner? Is there anything we can do to lower this statistic and have a great, thriving marriage? How can we create a happy family environment for couples as well as for the children?

3. How can we trust and stay open with people especially when we’ve been hurt and traumatized in the past? It’s easy to know in my head that I should stay open and trust in order to find love, but it’s very difficult to do so. How can I trust and love people once again?

Ilchi Lee also took a question from the chat posted by “Emma”:
What do you think about the energy of the chakra systems connecting through sex?

Ilchi Lee’s answers expanded on the nature of relationships and how sex and spirituality come into play. Watch and see how much more there is to sex than you may have imagined.

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