Ease Your Pain with These Two Important Questions You Should Always Keep in Mind

Physical pain and emotional pain can originate from what we carry in our mind. Ask yourself these questions to check your vibrations.

Are you feeling physical or emotional pain right now? If you are, you may want to do some exercises, meditations, or get treated by a professional. But I would also suggest you first ask yourself whether there is someone you hate or resent.

When trust disappears and resentment develops in personal relationships, negative patterns arise in the brain, and the brain’s life (qi) energy contracts. This creates a ripple effect in the body and causes emotional trauma.

Since the brain and body are connected, this may also lead to physical trauma. You may first notice it in your stomach. The brain and stomach are most sensitive and responsive to each other, so problems often come first to the stomach. That’s why we may have a stomachache or other digestive issues or feel anxiety in negative situations.

We’re Made of the Energy of Nature

Having the character of soil, the earth energy of the stomach dries up in these situations. Nutrients in the soil cause trees to grow. If the stomach doesn’t have enough earth energy, the liver, with its wood energy, also weakens. The five elemental energies found in the body and all nature—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—each affect a corresponding bodily organ, which support and balance each other.

These energies originate first in the mind. So, having a loving mind creates positive energy that invigorates the body and makes it healthier.

What Can We Do?

If you’re feeling anxious about something or are in pain, then, you can quickly determine its cause by checking your mind. Ask yourself, “How have I continued to show love and care for myself? How have I continued to show love and care to others and in what I do?”

Everyone’s heart and mind will open if they show such devotion. If we want to love, we first need to be dedicated to love. On the other hand, our body will hurt and our love will inevitably dry up if we never show love or care.

Those who commit to love and care for themselves and others create positive vibrations of energy through their mind, to their bodies, and out to the world, inevitably improving their interpersonal relationships. This is the formula for developing love inside you. And love is the first step to healing pain and trauma. Newsletter signup banner

So, when we are in pain, we can ask ourselves:

First, is there someone I hate and resent?
Second, how have I loved and cared for myself and other people?

Looking at ourselves this way will help us clear away negativity and open ourselves up to giving ourselves the love and devotion we need to be happy and healthy.

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