Love Yourself to Heal Yourself

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The vibration of the love that is your true self can bring health and happiness to your body and brain.

There is something perfect within you. It is perfect peace, perfect love, perfect life energy. It’s perfect as it is, without trying. This perfection is what I call your soul—your true self. When you accept and believe in yourself, your whole self, that perfect part grows. You grow more capacity for love, and for gratitude and forgiveness.

Can you believe you have this self? You don’t have to believe in it actually. You can feel it instead. It’s there when you clearly feel the energy in your heart. Have you experienced it?

Try this exercise for clearing and feeling the energy in your chest around your heart.

If you feel your true self, your soul, in your heart, you will truly love yourself. You’ll feel so happy. Then your brain will produce endorphins, and your body will thrive on these happy hormones. Your body changes as your brain becomes healthy and happy.

It’s easy to forget and neglect our perfection when we only pay attention to the world around us, especially when we see all the factions and the fighting, and especially if we’re struggling in our lives. At the same time, it’s soothing to be enthralled by what glitters. We admire people like musicians and athletes and raise them on a pedestal, while we may forget to raise up ourselves.

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Losing ourselves in what looks great on the outside or in the drama of the world can keep us from fully accepting and loving ourselves. Or it may make us rely on the love and praise of others. Only we can love ourselves to heal ourselves though. Our body and soul are waiting for our attention so our brain can go to work on our body and so our energy can flow smoothly and brightly—the healthy way.

That’s why I always try to compliment myself and laugh for no reason, especially in hard times. I thank myself, release the tension from my own body with acupressure massage, and freely dance and play instruments without caring about the opinions of others. I do my best to encourage, unleash, and express my true self. That’s how I love myself.

It’s a practice—one that I think is worthwhile—to start the day in love and end the day in love with ourselves. Have you taken time to feel love for yourself today? Newsletter signup banner

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