Love Yourself So Much that Your Heart Explodes

Ilchi Lee smiling

I like me. I like myself so much. I like myself so much it gives me chills all over my body. I find myself so lovable. And I’m so proud of myself.

Now I have found myself. And that’s enough now. Now, it’s enough. I don’t need anything else. I am me.

Everything started from me. And everything will end with me. This me—this self that is connected with eternal life—because I have this self, I am one with everything.

I am shining in my heart. I am vibrating in my heart.

Do you feel yourself in your heart? Keep growing that self until it expands from your chest into your whole body. Feel that self with your whole body.

This is the Il, or One, from the Chun Bu Kyung. It is Il Shi Mu Shi Il and Il Jong Mu Jong Il.

I am me. How proud and how confident and self-assured I am. Even if I die, I am me. And if I live, I am still me.

To have found this lost self, how much time have I spent? How many lives have I lived? How much time have I passed wandering and lost? The moment you feel and know yourself, you feel an electric current throughout your whole body.

Love that self. Give your life to love that self. Love yourself so much that your heart explodes. Love yourself until death, so much that it kills you, that it makes you crazy.

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