Return to Nature to Restore Balance to Your Body and Brain

Ilchi Lee walking in nature

Let your energy vibration resonate with that of nature to have natural wellness and wholeness.

Have you noticed yourself feeling good when you’re in nature? Maybe you feel calmer and happier? Perhaps you take deeper breaths (if the air is clean) or have more pep in your step? A solution to some worry that had been weighing on you may even come to mind.

The beneficial effects of nature on the human body and brain are being documented in a systematic way by scientific studies. According to one article published on the American Psychological Association (APA) blog last year, “exposure to nature has been linked to a host of benefits, including improved attention, lower stress, better mood, reduced risk of psychiatric disorders and even upticks in empathy and cooperation.” They even saw that contact with nature can have existential benefits such as a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Scientists are still determining the reasons that even just the sights and sounds of nature while indoors can have physical and psychological benefits, but some that have been proposed are stress reduction and replenishing our attention. They’ve also proposed that we like being in nature because human beings were initially evolved in close contact with nature before they developed civilizations. Newsletter signup banner

Feel Nature for Yourself

We can do our own research by watching our bodies, minds, and energy when we’re in nature. By directing our attention inward as well as outward, we can see how our thoughts and emotions morph from the busyness of our daily lives to the calm alertness that matches our natural surroundings.

In energetic terms, our own energy starts to resonate with the energy of the earth the more time we spend outside of our manmade constructions. Our tension, or blocked energy, releases, and our bodies’ and brains’ innate ability to restore itself kicks in. Even more, resonating with the energy of nature makes us feel more natural, and it can become easier to remember that we are a part of nature.

The idea that we are also nature may seem obvious, but it can be hard to actually feel that fundamental truth when we’re rushing around, giving all our attention to screens, surrounded by concrete, or worried about basic necessities. Connecting with nature in whatever way we can lets us reconnect with ourselves more easily. By doing that, we can feel more grounded and centered, more real and more ourselves, while also gaining a sense of expanded possibility and hope.

You can try this right now by watching and listening to the sounds of the lake in the Healing Garden at Sedona Mago Retreat as they play in the video below.

Take a Meditative Walk in Nature

My favorite way of connecting with nature is by walking in it. As I walk, I’m conscious of the fact that I am stepping on the earth. For me, the earth is not merely dirt, grass, or rocks. The earth has a soul. It is Mother Earth (Mago in Korean). I step lightly on the earth, feeling my foot connect with the earth as I take each step. With part of my attention on my feet, the energy of the earth enters my body through the energy points on my feet, and helps fortify my natural Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation. This energizes and revitalizes me. It also solidifies my motivation to achieve the dream I decided to work on many years ago. I feel stronger, more powerful, and ready to take on whatever comes my way.

Come with me as I walk around the Healing Garden lake, stimulating my feet and connecting with the natural beauty of the Sedona, Arizona area.

Why not try this kind of meditative walking the next time you find yourself in a natural setting? Be aware of the earth, your feet, and the connection between them. What happens? How do you change through this journey?

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