Everything Is Qigong

What is qigong? Qigong is not something you do only with your hands and feet. Singing is also qigong. It’s qigong you do with your mouth. Let’s say you lecture. That, too, is qigong. There’s nothing that is not qigong. Farming is farming qigong, and cooking is cooking qigong. Laundry is laundry qigong, and giving birth to a child is childbirth qigong. Getting married is marriage qigong.
Soul Singing

Qigong is about circulation, about communion. It’s about communicating—an expression of life energy through your body and your actions. You share truth through doing qigong. You express the truth you are supposed to share with qigong.

In each and everything you do, think of yourself as doing qigong. You don’t have to do set motions to practice qigong. You can practice qigong as you sing, you can practice qigong as you breathe, and you can practice qigong as you walk. If you put qi into any personal relationship, it’s doing qigong.

If you sing, or even say, “I love you,” without qi, without energy, it has no power. It’s no fun. Instead, if you make your voice come out ringing, it contains qi, and it has an attractiveness. You make other people feel cheerful. With that kind of attractiveness, you’re like a flower to a honeybee.

It’s just like food. It only tastes good if the flavor is right. Qi is the flavor of life. If you put qi into your actions, good fortune follows.

Be Yourself
You put qi into your actions when you express your true essence. So if, for example, you are doing singing qigong, sing enthusiastically until you are amazed by your own voice. Sing so you think, “Oh, my voice was beautiful.”

You need to be confident about your voice for your essence to come out. Don’t try to sing a song exactly as another person sings it. Everyone is different. Your vocal chords are different from theirs, and your environment is different, too. To do singing qigong, you have to make a song your own. Sing it in a way that is right for your own vocal chords.
Everyone has their own characteristics—their own special beauty. Develop your hidden abilities. Qigong is bringing out your unique characteristics and letting them be expressed.

If you’re having trouble doing that, however, don’t come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with you. Believe in yourself in whatever you are doing. Just think, “Oh, it’s just that I haven’t had enough practice. There isn’t anything wrong with me.”

It’s just like when you learn to drive: at first you don’t seem to improve, until, at some moment, you develop a sense for it, and then you can do it. The same goes for your body; you practice until you develop a sense for it, and then you can control your voice as you see fit.

Relax and Breathe
Your voice is ultimately breathing. You have to connect with your breathing. Only then can you sing comfortably and put qi—your emotions and your soul—into your voice. The potential abilities in our brains start to manifest once our voices, souls, and emotions have become completely one.

However, ideas, thoughts, fears, and worries may prevent your soul and emotions from connecting with your singing. Distracting thoughts block the flow of energy from whatever you are doing. They cut your confidence and trust in yourself. You can find your voice when you’re very relaxed and comfortable. Immerse yourself fully in the sound of your voice and become one with it. Then your distracting thoughts will fall away completely. Your own voice can intoxicate you, even as you control it. You don’t need to be loud. Try to get a feeling for it as you sing quietly. You’ll go into a meditative state and your inner divinity will come out through your voice.

Flowing through life with the energy of divinity is qigong.

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  • cynthia bianco
    June 29, 2014 9:50 am

    I will immerse myself with qi, the flavor of life & rid myself of all emotion. Thank you Ilchi Lee


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