Why and How We Should Integrate Our Brains

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To feel whole and fulfilled, integrate all parts of you, starting with your brain.

Do you ever feel pulled in different directions, leaving you stuck in the same place, unable to move forward?

Many inner and outer forces act on our lives. There are our needs and the needs of those we care for, the thoughts in our heads and the desires of our hearts, our will driving us toward a goal only to be sabotaged by our unconscious limiting habits and beliefs.

We can never feel whole and fulfilled when all of these forces are out of balance. To align all of them in one direction, I suggest integrating our brains.

Why Integrate Our Brains

Our brains receive all of the inputs that affect us, and they drive our conscious and unconscious reactions to them. Becoming whole, clear, and balanced begins and ends with our brains.

That’s why the fourth step of my Brain Education method of self-development is Brain Integrating.

After we become more aware of what’s going on in our internal world and enhance our sense of energy (Step One: Brain Sensitizing), we become more flexible and open to change (Step Two: Brain Versatilizing), and free ourselves from the weight of unhelpful ideas and emotions (Step Three: Brain Refreshing). These first three steps of Brain Education leave our brains in a very neutral state, one in which our minds are quiet and our egos have taken a back seat. Our awareness isn’t pulled by external and internal forces, and we can see those forces clearly with detachment. Only oneness remains.

Known as the zero point, this state reveals the very pure, limitless potential that exists at the source of everything. We were born with this potential, and we can access it from the zero point. It’s a blank slate that’s nonetheless full of energy waiting to be used in the way we choose. From the pure potential we find at the zero point, the Law of Attraction derives its power.

Luckily, in the clarity of the zero point, we more easily see what to choose in order to be most happy, way deep down. We can understand what we value without input from society and what will make our lives most worth living regardless of whether other people approve of it.

Knowing this, we’re free to be who we really are. We also become free of guilt or judgment and of the need for approval or being superior to someone.

Yet often, the choices that would make our true selves free and happy would also ultimately bring about a positive situation for all. Newsletter signup banner

Where to Go from There

Once we know what we really want, then we can integrate information about ourselves and the world into our brains that would support that. And we can integrate the different parts of ourselves in support of our choice as well.

For instance, we can integrate . . .

  • the right and left hemispheres of our brain so that our creativity and logic work together to find solutions to challenges.
  • the various parts of our brains responsible for thinking, feeling, and vital life processes.
  • our conscious and unconscious minds by developing our insight and intuition.
  • our minds and hearts.
  • our egos and true selves.
  • our physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies.
  • external consciousness–human laws, customs, knowledge–with our internal, universal wisdom so that ultimately external consciousness will reflect humanity’s true, natural values.

We don’t need to integrate all these parts separately. The same techniques work for them all.

How to Integrate Our Brains

I categorize the different ways of integrating the brain into two categories reminiscent of how a computer works: the hardware method and the software method.

Hardware Method
Like a computer, the brain runs on energy. Some of the ways energy can be expressed are light, sound, and physical vibration. Using these modalities to stimulate the brain awakens the energy in the brain stem–the part of the brain responsible for most of the vital, unconscious processes of the body and mind such as breathing and heart rate. Waking up the energy of the brainstem causes a chain reaction that integrates the energy of all areas of the brain. The energy in the brain then becomes brighter and flows freely throughout it.

Software Method
Instead of approaching brain integration directly through the brain’s energy, the software method approaches it through the mind’s processes. It involves reviewing the kinds of information that define us and interpreting our identity from a new perspective. Then get rid of the information we don’t need.

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Exercises for Brain Integration

Hardware Methods
  1. Brain Wave Vibration
    There are many forms of Brain Wave Vibration, which involves shaking the body to slow down the brain waves. To do it with your whole body, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Close your eyes, and bounce your hips up and down, following a rhythm that feels natural. Let this movement expand until all parts of your body are relaxed and shaking. Then tap your lower abdomen with loose fists while continuing to bounce for five minutes or longer. Focus on exhaling and releasing tension. Then stop tapping, and gradually let the body’s natural vibration take over your movement. Once you feel fully relaxed and loose, gradually slow your vibration and sit quietly as you gently focus on your lower abdomen.

  3. Energy Circuit Drawing
    Copy the following circuit patterns on a blank piece of paper in the direction the arrows indicate. Start by drawing the shapes large. After you get used to drawing the shapes, draw them in varying sizes. When you’re satisfied that the patterns and shapes flow freely, try switching to your nondominant hand. Then draw with both hands at the same time. Repeat at least five times each. Follow the movement of your hands with your eyes.

    energy circuits


  5. Cosmic Gate Meditation
    Find an object, such as a stone, that has some weight and a relatively flat bottom. Put it on top of your head and balance it there with your back, neck, and head straight. The effort will make you feel more alert and help quiet your mind. Feeling its weight, you find your center, and energy starts to flow down from the top of your head, filling your brain and going down through the center of your body. Breathe naturally and gently in this posture for several minutes.

Software Methods

In order to integrate your brain with positive new information about yourself and your life, it’s essential to take in that information on both an intellectual and emotional level. Your mind can change quite easily on the surface, but the brain will slip into its old ways until you deeply change. To override this tendency, go deep into your brain as you do the following exercises to find where self-limiting beliefs reside and to overcome the inner resistance restricting your power, clarity, and conviction.

  1. Self-Affirmation Exercise
    Make the following statements, and be aware of the feelings and thoughts that arise in you. Observe whatever emerges without attachment. Keep repeating the phrases, choosing to believe them, until they feel deeply ingrained in your brain. Use any of the hardware exercises you like to ground yourself and provide a peaceful place from which to make the statements. With this important foundation, you’ll be free to explore new choices about your life from a clean and clear place.

    • I am a courageous person.
    • I forgive myself.
    • I love myself.
    • I am a precious being.
    • I am pure.
    • I am beautiful.

  3. Life Questions Exercise
    Answer the following questions to reestablish your identity. Try to answer each question honestly and bravely. Just write down whatever comes to mind, without trying to edit yourself. The key is to trust yourself and not shy away from what your deep self-exploration tells you.

    • What is most important to me in life?
      Write down 10 things. For each item, ask yourself, “Would living this value make me feel really happy and fulfilled?” Then, choose the five things you think are the most important to you.
    • What is my passion? What excites and energizes me?
    • Given your interests, talents, skills, and gifts, how can I contribute to others?
    • How do I want to be remembered?
    • What is my life purpose?
    • Take a look at your answers to all the previous questions and ask, “What does this reveal about me?” Ask yourself, “What is my purpose for being here on earth?”

Let your answers guide your attitudes and actions and regularly return to a zero point state to keep your brain integrated as you work to master your life.

Learn more about Brain Education and its five steps in my books: The Power Brain: Five Steps to Upgrading Your Brain Operating System and Principles of Brain Management: A Practical Approach to Making the Most of Your Brain.

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