[Video] What Kind of Brain Do You Want to Have?

[Voiceover by Randolph Dickson]

Your head is filled with information. Some of that information can cloud who you really are.

However, if you can discover your true self, you’ll be able to discard false information and make a brain filled with information that supports that self.

What makes up your brain is your choice.

You start by paying attention to your thoughts and emotions. Then you release the energy of these thoughts and emotions, for everything contains energy. Then you look for the positive things in your life and thank them for being there.

From that starting point, make a goal that makes your heart glad and that would be helpful for others as well. Put all of your energy into that goal, making everything in your internal and external environment in alignment with it.

Then watch how your brain changes. You may be surprised at how different your thoughts and emotions are and how differently your brain manages your body in such a positive, focused mental environment.

If you try it, why don’t you share the changes you experience in the comments.

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