Poem: Earth Whispers

woman planting sprouts
[Photo by simonapilolla via Envato Elements]

Earth whispers with a voice gentle and soft
Land is my bosom
Sea is my soul
Wind is my breath
Sky is my heart
And you are all my children

Earth whispers in a voice filled with longing
Feel the sun tingling on your skin
Hear the whispers of the moon and stars
Hear the radiant symphony of nature
Speaking with one voice
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What is Mago’s Dream?

I use the name Mago to refer to Mother Earth. You could say that mago refers to “ancient mother” in Korean. I believe Mago dreams of a place and time in which all life exists in harmony, peace, and oneness with one another.

We can discover the consciousness to create this existence when we uncover our most natural, original consciousness. We can reach this consciousness though communion and communication with the energy and spirit of Mother Earth. I call this energy and spirit the soul of Mago.

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