Ilchi Lee’s 6 Ways You Can Live as an Earth Citizen

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Being an Earth Citizen means taking care of the earth like a loving child takes care of her mother.

Being what I call an Earth Citizen involves one of the highest and biggest forms of love: the love between a mother and child. It’s the love between the earth and all her inhabitants.

In meditation, in connection with my own spirit, I’ve felt the soul of the Earth. I felt the motherly, unconditional love steadily emanating from the Earth’s soul. I was humbled by it while being supported by it. Experiencing and understanding Mother Earth’s love made taking care of her more urgent and vital for me.

As Earth’s most conscious children, we have the ability to choose how we treat her. And how well we take care of her determines our survival, because while her love is unconditional and she gives all she can, natural forces are fair and natural resources take time to replenish.

Then, how can we improve our relationship with Mother Earth?

Some of the actions we need to take have to be done collectively, but some we can do individually in our own lives.

  1. Do all the things you can: reduce, reuse, recycle, buy biodegradable products, use renewable energy, eat organic and free range food, plant trees, clean litter, etc. Reduce the impact sustaining human life has on the planet, keep the earth clean, and replenish her resources.
  2. Spend time with mom: get away from the electric world and spend time in the natural one—even in your backyard or local park—without your phone or your headphones. Think of the earth mother as you step respectfully and lovingly on her surface.
  3. Have compassion and empathy: for those worse off and also those better off than you are. Be tolerant of perceived deficiencies and mistakes in others as well as yourself. Expose yourself to different cultures and people with an open heart and mind.
  4. Stay flexible: in body and mind. Be ready to adjust to changing conditions and look for creative solutions. Be able to make new habits that are better for the health of the earth and leave behind rigid ideas that build walls between yourself and other people. Let your mind be free to discover new ways of doing and being.
  5. Take care of your health naturally: by eating well, sleeping well, breathing well, and doing energy circulating and accumulating exercises such as these. Keeping your energy healthy helps keep the Earth’s energy healthy because we’re all connected.
  6. Trust your true self: the pure and everlasting part of you wants to connect to and love all life, including Mother Earth and her children. Being a “perfect” embodiment of an Earth Citizen may feel unattainable, but if you let your true self be your guide, then the rest of you and your life will resemble that of an Earth Citizen more and more.

In this way, being an Earth Citizen, who puts their identity as a filial child of Mother Earth before any other identity, becomes a means of loving yourself and becoming more of who you really are.

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