You Are a Creator

Ilchi Lee - You Are a CreatorI believe that creation is not something done by special people.
The ability to create comes from consciousness.
It lies in our brain.

We all have consciousness,
and we all have a brain.
But what kind of consciousness,
or level of awareness,
do we need to have
in order to use our natural creative power?
We need the consciousness that remains
when we’ve stripped away
everything else,
what I’ve often called the zero point,
observer consciousness,
or our conscience.

It’s at the zero point where you have
the ability to see everything clearly,
as it is,
and the freedom from
attachment and emotions
that allows you to choose your thoughts,
emotions, and actions.
In that moment of choice,
you create.
Energy goes to your intentions.
Your brain and the universe responds
to your choices.
Your life begins to change bit by bit,
choice by choice.

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