3 Ways to Revitalize Your Energy

Ilchi Lee - express yourself1. Praise yourself
2. Brag about yourself
3. Love yourself

You don’t have to look good for other people. Brag about yourself to your soul. Create an environment that allows you to boast about yourself and feel good about yourself. Don’t worry about what others think. Your energy cannot cannot be full and vital if you are conscious of and worried about the opinions of others.

Try to express yourself, as you are, honestly and beautifully.

I’d like to suggest singing and dancing as good ways to express yourself, and very good ways to activate your energy. There’s no need to learn anything. Just try it and do it naturally.

Or do Brain Wave Vibration. Just shake, thinking of yourself as master of the world. Then your energy circulates and your mind is put at ease. Your energy revives through light, sound, and vibration.


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