You Have the Power to Decide Your State of Mind

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Mental health is about raising the vibration of our consciousness. The effects of a positive, bright consciousness trickle throughout our thoughts, emotions, and even body.

People are talking a lot about mental health right now for mental health awareness month. One of the things I think is most important for the health of our mind is the state of our consciousness.

Our consciousness exists in a constant state of flux. One moment we may feel positive, bright, courageous, loving, or hopeful, and then the next moment we may fall into guilt, shame, anger, or victimhood.

Luckily, we have some say in the state of our consciousness. Since our consciousness and our brains are our own, we have the lead and can take the initiative. We can shift guilt and shame into hope, anger into forgiveness, and fear into courage. That shift involves two things we need to do simultaneously: observation and action.

To adjust the state of our consciousness, we need to be aware of its condition. Are we joyful and happy, moving forward with hope, or is a list of failures and disappointments a constant litany in our minds? To design our consciousness, we need to be able to observe ourselves by looking at the flow of connection from our consciousness level to our emotions to our actions.

When we’re in the middle of a downward spiral or dizzying excitement, our thoughts and emotions may capture our awareness so much that we forget to observe ourselves and cannot see ourselves clearly. For clear insight, we first need to get ourselves to zero point consciousness. It’s a state in which the ego is completely gone. The ephemeral moment becomes eternity, and we find ourselves inside infinite cosmic energy. For me, peace is the state of complete zero—a place of neutral infinity from which we can jump up to brighter, or gwangmyung, states.

For clear insight, we first need to get ourselves to zero point consciousness. It’s a state in which the ego is completely gone. The ephemeral moment becomes eternity, and we find ourselves inside infinite cosmic energy. For me, peace is… Share on X

From the clarity of the zero point, we can catch where we are now, and then decide where we want to go and imagine the actions we can take to get there. Through the continuous process of observing – choosing – imagining – acting, we can manage our consciousness state.

Energy links each part of this cycle. The universal energy of life flows through and impacts every step. Through using and applying energy, we can turn imagination into reality.

Getting enough good-quality energy comes with effort and training. Through training, our internal energy can accumulate so much that it explodes out of us in a cloud of manifestation. It’s by training ourselves that we can have moments without any ego and feel the essence of ourselves, our lives.

Feeling our essence, our true value, and accepting it as such is one of the highest states of consciousness. Such a state leads to the thoughts and actions that will bring about our best lives. Newsletter signup banner

Consciousness Raising Meditation

When I observe that my consciousness is about to drop, to get myself to “Stop!”, I immediately clap, change my facial expression, and laugh out loud for 10 seconds. When I feel myself struggling, I notice where my consciousness is sitting, and I change that moment, pulling my consciousness back up.

Energy Circuit

It can be as simple as that. But to maintain our ability to observe and shift our consciousness, a daily meditation practice helps. I drew this image of an energy circuit recently. I’d like to share it with you as a meditation tool to help you keep your consciousness bright.

Look at this image for about ten seconds, and then, keeping your eyes closed, visualize that circuit as you feel each of the seven major chakras from top to bottom. If it’s difficult for you to feel your chakras, you can imagine the energy circuit in the location of each chakra.

People sensitive to energy may find themselves spontaneously vibrating just from this visualization. But to help the energy of this circuit extend throughout your body, you can vibrate intentionally. In a sitting position, curl your lower torso in and out to shake your upper body vertically. This vibration method especially targets the first and second chakras. The energy in these two chakras becomes strong, bright, and hot, and extends to all the other chakras.

Do this vibration with all of your focus and effort for about three minutes, although you can go longer. Make yourself sweat. Shake away pain and discomfort, which release as your energy flows better through the vibration. All of your old energy and stored fatigue will be pushed out with enough strong, focused vibration.

Afterward, sit and breathe quietly for a few minutes while leaving your relaxed attention on your breath. At this time, affirm to yourself the consciousness you most want to have. Remind yourself of who you really are: cosmic energy and cosmic consciousness in a human body.

Keep up your training, and you’ll have the power to decide how you want to be.

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  • Emma Caltrider
    May 18, 2022 3:02 pm

    Wow, beautiful! Thank you!

  • Marion Feasey
    March 29, 2024 10:48 pm

    Thank you this is amazingly timely to share with a family member today. And I enjoyed the drumming in a way hard to describe. Unfathomable comes to mind 💛


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