Pain Can Give Us Wings

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Our consciousness determines whether we stay trapped in the inevitable pains of life or whether we use that pain to become strong enough to fly free.

When a famous English scientist, Alfred Wallace, was a child, he came upon a butterfly struggling to get out of its cocoon. Seeing this was so sad and distressing that he gently tore open the tip of the cocoon. When the boy did this, the butterfly emerged from its cocoon easily, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

The butterfly looked like it would now fly away. However, it was unable to spread its wings properly and ended up dying after weakly flapping them a few times.

Alfred realized that the hard struggle to break out of the cocoon makes the butterfly strong; the butterfly gains the strength to maintain its life only by going through this painful process.

Our Own Growth Process

Because it dwells in the body, our true self has no choice but to experience the many emotions and pains created by the body’s needs and experiences. This fact tells us why in Eastern philosophical traditions, life is said to be suffering.

Although our true self is the purest, brightest energy, this energy cannot be seen or expressed if it’s weaker than our physical needs or our ego. Our true self constantly struggles to overcome the confines of the ego and the body.

Although our true self is the purest, brightest energy, this energy cannot be seen or expressed if it’s weaker than our physical needs or our ego. Our true self constantly struggles to overcome the confines of the ego and the body. Click To Tweet

The effort to fly free is the means by which our true selves strengthen themselves. They grow stronger to the extent that we go through the pain of learning to love and heal ourselves and of bridging the gap between the wishes our true selves have and the reality we are experiencing.

Life becomes a blessing when our true selves overcome the innate suffering of life—when we transcend it. In that process, we become one with the energy of the cosmos. Newsletter signup banner

Transcending the Pain of the World

This process applies not only to individual people but to all of humanity itself. Our true selves have the desire and will to love others and make the world a better place in the face of the pain we’ve experienced throughout history.

Each of us has the power to bring this desire closer to fruition. Rather than needing a special person to come down and save us, humanity’s real power comes from millions of individuals strengthening and living according to their true selves.

There have been great revolutions throughout human history, but not a single thing has been achieved by some special spiritual power. History has been evolving as a result of human beliefs, through the unified strength and efforts of the people sharing those beliefs. It is a choice and conviction arising out of the insight and courage of those who look upon the world without self-interest.

The Power of a Bright Consciousness

Making this choice involves a revolution in consciousness. It is consciousness that can connect everything—from our bodies and minds, to people and nature, and human beings to cosmic energy and the cosmic mind. That is why awakening consciousness is the most important thing.

When I think of the consciousness we need, I would call it “bright” and “zeroed.” A bright consciousness is illuminated by the energy of our true selves and by cosmic energy.

A zeroed consciousness—a consciousness at its zero point—is truly clear, peaceful, and quiet. The energy state of the zero point is balanced between plus and minus instead of skewed to one side.

A zero point consciousness is not immersed in happiness or sadness. Rather, it can observe happiness and sadness without reacting to them. It doesn’t chase happiness or try to avoid unhappiness either.

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With the connection to cosmic energy and cosmic mind we gain in zero point consciousness, we can create happiness or sadness. We can change our thoughts and emotions and do the work that is needed for the betterment of humanity.

Those who have a true self and are free to choose happiness or unhappiness are holding the wheel of life.

Only we can make this change in ourselves. No one can brighten and zero our consciousness without our choice. Instead of chasing happiness and avoiding pain without purpose, we can create a new life and a new world by strengthening our true selves.

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  • Emma Caltrider
    May 19, 2022 6:47 am

    Thank you for this message! Recently, I’ve been noticing how my joy and excitement isn’t zero point and while it feels fun, it’s not water up fire down condition.

    I’m sensitive to feeling energy and chakras. When I’m excited, I can feel energy travel to my brain to the same part of my frontal lobe that is activated when I notice anger. Of course, it’s a lot more positive! In contrast, if I follow the emotion of excitement, it makes the moments when I’m sad that more drastic. The fun sensation of excitement is now an indicator to me that I’m not in a water up fire down condition.

    Zero point – muah – or a grounded centered place is a beautiful way to live. It takes mindfulness, practice, and training. But it creates peace in my life and therefore peace in the world.


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