Praying for Peace, Choosing Peace

Ilchi Lee

Let’s pray for all the lives being sacrificed for no reason as we work steadily toward a new awakened civilization.

Like many of you, since war broke out in Ukraine, I’ve been praying every night for all the souls that have been lost to the conflict as I comfort and honor them.

Every day now, we are seeing, feeling, and experiencing the history of war in real time. In the midst of a world responding to war, the peace many of us have worked toward for years seems far away. Everything that I’ve been talking about can seem like empty words. It’s at times like these, however, that we need to hold most steadfast to our purpose.

Just as the coronavirus pandemic called us to let our spirit shine, and we found a silver lining in people coming together, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine asks us to come together united for peace.

That’s why I’m once again sharing the Prayer of Peace I wrote and recited for the Millennium World Peace Summit for Religious Leaders at the United Nations in 2000.

The kind of peace I prayed for stems from an awakening of spirit in all people. Through the enlightened consciousness of a significant number of people, we can build new systems and a new civilization that are based on peace and harmonious coexistence that is beneficial for all beings and the earth itself. We can reach a turning point for a new era of peace.

Taking the Path of Peace

Looking carefully at and improving the existing systems would be complicated and difficult. However, this process is how we find the path of peaceful and harmonious coexistence.

Sometimes choosing the difficult path can be lonely. Yet, at the same time, it can be brilliant if it’s the path that makes our spirits shine.

To go down this road, we need strength and resilience—the strength of gwangmyung, a brilliantly bright and pure energy that fills and radiates from us. Making this kind of strength involves building up our physical power so we stay healthy and capable, our heart power so our heart stays open with love and compassion, and our brain power so we can work with clarity and creativity. Having daily a routine of exercise, meditation, and maintaining our inner awareness lets us grow these powers steadily.

Through such a practice, we’re putting our bodies, minds, and emotions through a washing machine that clears away old pains and information and makes room for a brighter existence. It enables us to love ourselves and choose to be humbler, kinder, more forgiving, and more generous.

I hope you can join me on this path as we pray for peace.

The kind of peace I prayed for stems from an awakening of spirit in all people. Through the enlightened consciousness of a significant number of people, we can build new systems and a new civilization that are based on peace and… Click To Tweet
Prayer of Peace
by Ilchi Lee

I offer this prayer of peace
Not to any one god nor to many gods
Not only to a Christian god
Nor only to a Jewish god
Not only to a Buddhist god
Nor only to an Islamic god
And not even to the indigenous gods of many nations
But to the Divinity within that we all hold inside
That makes us all brothers and sisters
Truly One Family
In the name of humanity.

I offer this prayer of peace
To the cosmic Oneness
That is our birthright
And our privilege
And our strength
That should we let it shine and show us the way
Will guide us to the road of peace:
Not a Christian peace
Nor a Jewish peace
Not a Buddhist peace
Nor an Islamic peace
And not even the indigenous peace of many nations
But the human peace
That has a place in the hearts of all people
To allow us to truly fulfill our divine potential
To become the children of one humanity.

I offer this prayer of peace
To allow us all to realize
The truth of our existence
To allow us all to discover
The sanctity of our lives
To allow us all to seek
The spirituality of our beings.
Please allow us to experience
With all our hearts and our souls
The intimate connection to the divine
That we all possess inside
For our bodies are the temples of worship
And our souls the altars
Before which we shall stand tall
And live out the true meaning
Of our existence.

I offer this prayer of peace
To declare a revolution
Of the human spirit.
I wish to announce that
It is now time
For all of us to spiritually awaken
And become enlightened
That the time of the enlightened few is over,
That the age of elitist enlightenment has passed.
For how long shall we wait for prophets
To come down from mountaintops
And tell us what to do?

We must all become enlightened
To recognize our divinity
To raise up our consciousness
And proclaim our independence
From blind reliance on long-ago sages
And find the answers from our own well
Of spiritual wisdom.
We must ourselves become the enlightened ones
We must ourselves realize our Oneness.
I declare that we must all become humans of the Earth
Beyond any religion, nation, or race
But of this Earth, for this Earth, and by this Earth
To create a lasting peace
On Earth.

I offer this prayer of peace
To You the Almighty
The God that lives within all of us
So that we may stand proudly
One day before you
As one humanity.

I offer this prayer of peace
With all Earth Humans
For a lasting peace on Earth.

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