[Video] It’s Time to Level Up Our Consciousness

In an online lecture in 2021, I shared the importance of coexisting peacefully because I believe that humanity’s current values and systems are leading us on a path to self-destruction. I believe peaceful coexistence can be achieved eventually if we emphasize cooperation and actions that benefit all rather than emphasizing competition between individuals or groups.

However, in order to really do that, each individual would need to clear their energy and make it brighter and lighter. We know we have bright, light energy when we feel joyful, loving, grateful, forgiving, and hopeful. We also have a clear mind with an open heart while being full of vitality. We also gain Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation in which warm energy flows down to our bellies and cool energy flows up to our heads, giving us a cool head and a fire in our gut.

In such a state, how can we not treat each other and the earth with the respect and consideration we all deserve?

Although we need to cooperate and coordinate to make the big changes in economic and political systems that will really make a difference in today’s existential issues, we can start with ourselves. If each of us takes responsibility for our energy condition, we can start to change the conditions of our communities. Through changing our personal decisions, we set the stage to change our community, national, and global decisions.

It starts with changing our energy. Newsletter signup banner

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