How to Shine as Bright as a Star

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You have light inside that you can make shine out as bright as a star.

No matter what we may think of our lives right now, we are all stars. You are a star.

Our genetic make-up resulted from one sperm beating out millions of others to combine with one egg. We managed to pass through nine months in our mother’s womb and managed to live through childhood. Just this accomplishment can be considered amazing.

But we are even more amazing. Within each of us resides a peace of the Creator—a bright light, a pure energy that comes from the Source of limitless potential. Along with this energy, we have access to the limitless consciousness of the Creator. It’s through this pure, bright spark inside us and this divine wisdom that we have the power to co-create our lives and our world.

With this star inside us, we need not be spectators, victims, or people who sit on the sidelines. We can take small and large actions to make our world brighter, starting with ourselves.

Our star quality may seem small and dim right now, but it can shine brighter if we remove the shadows around it and give it more juice. Those shadows consist of our attachment to our ego, material possessions, and even our pain and trauma. They grow stronger when our awareness, our conscious mind, becomes immersed in them, believing that they are all that is and forgetting the light that is always shining beneath the shadows. Newsletter signup banner

What can we do to make our inner star shine more brightly?

When we immerse ourselves deeply in energy, our mind becomes calm and peaceful. In this state, there is no fear of losing something, no fuss over not being able to dominate others, no desire for recognition. The shadows have drifted away, leaving only our self, who is infinitely bright, peaceful, and seems to be able to do anything.

We can see the precious, holy, and beautiful beings that we are when we look at ourselves through energy. Click To Tweet

We can see the precious, holy, and beautiful beings that we are when we look at ourselves through energy. However, this existence may feel unfamiliar to our brains when they are trapped in our ideas. So, we may not think that this existence is who we are, and we continue to doubt it.

To counteract this doubt, we can talk to our brains. We can keep affirming that this bright peaceful self we experience through energy is the true ‘I’ that we have forgotten.

And we need to surrender our ego to this bright self. Rather than being fake while trying to look big to others, try to be real, even if you feel small. Start by becoming a little more real and gradually grow into your true existence.

Our essence is pure gold that does not need to be plated.

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Easy and Simple Way to Feel Energy

All of these actions mentioned above are possible when we feel energy in the moment. They can only exist in a moment. Each moment is forever, and forever exists within a moment.

In this lecture I gave for the release of my book, CONNECT: How to Find Clarity and Expand Your Consciousness with Pineal Gland Meditation, I led the audience through exercises to help them feel energy.

If you’re just learning how to feel energy, you can follow along:

You can also try this simple energy meditation that all Brain Education practitioners learn when they first start.

When you first practice energy meditation, you may not be able to go very deep. You may not even be able to feel energy. That’s ok. It may take practice. You can also do dynamic meditations such as Brain Wave Vibration first to calm your mind and get your energy flowing before practicing energy meditation.

If you keep practicing, your inner light will grow brighter and radiate out to the world like a brilliant star.

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