Hope Message: The Joy of You

Fourth Chakra--True SelfClose your eyes. Put your hands on your chest. Focus on your heart.

Ask yourself, “Who am I” “Why do I live?” “Why am I here?”

Keep asking yourself, until you get an answer from within. Through your answer you will know your true nature.

By realizing your true nature, you will gain genuine happiness and joy. True happiness comes naturally when you feel and realize the true you. For our true nature is like the sun that blazes brilliantly despite its dark spots. It is infinitely precious and valuable.

And that is enlightenment: making a choice to discover what existed originally, to uncover your true self and act for your true purpose.


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  • Even these first inspirational messages and the beginning chapters of the book resonate deeply with what I have learned from various sources in the spiritual and life-affirming journey I have undertaken.


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