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young woman hugging her self in front of a background of pink hearts

Know how to praise and comfort yourself. Find every possible strength that you have, and admire your infinite potential. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is an honest compliment.

Because everything you say is an expression of your mind. To create a beautiful mind, give yourself beautiful messages. When your mind faces moments of doubt, make fists and shout to yourself three times, “I can do anything!” You are the one who needs to tell yourself, “I love you!”

For those who know how to comfort themselves can comfort others, and their heart is big enough to comfort the world.

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  • I just had a break through in knowing my true self. I feel good and warm eveytime I speak of myself. I am keeping in mind every second to praise myself and to always be positive, honest and send compliments to myself. Thanks for the words of wisdom we need them every moments of our life to pass them on ourselves, families, friends and others 🙂


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