Brain Wave Vibration in Seven Languages

From Asia, to the Americas, and over in Europe, people are shaking it up to the rhythm inside them.

Why? Because, they say, it works.

As they let go and let their whole body vibrate, they begin to feel a release of tension and a sensation of something opening up inside their bodies. Their brains clear and suddenly they are in a much better mood.

“It may seem like magical thinking to believe that something so simple could produce such good results. But really, the healing is happening within you. Your brain already instinctively knows what your body needs for health and happiness. The method only helps you activate it,” explains Ilchi Lee in the book on his latest mind-body exercise, Brain Wave Vibration.

Brain Wave Vibration book in four languages

Soon readers of seven different languages will be able to catch the growing wave of Brain Wave Vibration. Publishers in five countries have bought the rights to Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life (BEST Life Media, 2008): Taiwan, France, Russia, Japan, and Germany. The Russian edition was just purchased the last week in February 2010. Besides in Korean and English, the book has already been published in Japanese and French.

The English version of Brain Wave Vibration was recently revised and expanded. It was released in November 2009. This edition offers more explanation of how Brain Wave Vibration can help you manage your thought processes and the information you feed them. A summary of the two preliminary experiments on Brain Wave Vibration performed by Japanese researchers, as well as additional testimonials from Brain Wave Vibration practitioners, were also added.

Readers can easily begin practicing this dynamic yet straightforward brain fitness method from the instructions in the book. But additional help is available through a guided training CD, as well as from classes at Dahn Yoga or Body + Brain Holistic Yoga Centers. Brain Wave Vibration books are available at these centers, as well as related products such as the music CD and an audio book for those who don’t like to read, or who are often on the go. They are also available online at the publishers’ website,, or at

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