The Dream of the Soul

Ilchi-Lee_dream-of-soul_20130829_newsletterOrdinarily, what you feel is your emotions.
Deep inside your emotions,
deep within your heart,
exists your soul.

Your eternal soul is the purest life.
It has hopes and dreams.
The ultimate dream of every soul,
is to experience oneness
with divine energy
through infinite growth.

In divine unity, the soul is
joyful and light and free.
A free soul is love, peace, and creation.

Without your attention, however,
your soul becomes caged by emotions
such as fear or anger,
hurt or loneliness.
It cannot fulfill its dream,
and your body can become sick.

Say farewell to sadness and worry,
fear and anger,
let your soul be happy and fly free
by feeling your energy
in meditation.

When you freely move with your energy,
you can sense your soul
and let its energy fill you,
join with the divine energy in your brain,
and expand beyond your body.

When your soul is free,
your mind can hear its wise message.
Your soul has the answers
to limitless self-development
and the fulfillment of its ultimate dream
to express itself in every moment.


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