What Can You Accomplish in 1 Minute?

Sit ups

What can you accomplish in one minute?

A lot.

You can make:
• your body stronger
• your mind empty
• your heart pumping
• your face look happy
• your determination renewed

Just 1 minute is all it takes to align body and mind.


With strong, muscle-building exercise.

In just 1 minute of vigorous movement, you get all hot and sweaty, but that means your heart is pumping, and your blood is circulating fresh oxygen and nutrients to your body and brain. Your brain secretes endorphins, improving your mood and outlook, and your stress releases, leaving you feeling lighter, refreshed, and more comfortable. With better circulation and happy hormones, it’s much easier to focus and be creative. You not only gain a fresh perspective, but as your body becomes stronger, you get more confidence and self-esteem.

Does 1 minute seem like too short of a time period to have a real effect?

If you move your body with all of your focus and energy, I think that’s equivalent to an hour of exercise. Your focus is important for making every minute of your life count and multiplies the impact of what you do tremendously.

When you do strong exercise and really use your muscles, you feel tired at first, and then your body starts complaining and you “feel the burn.” That’s when you gain an opportunity. If you keep going and overcome your body’s limitations and complaints, you get a surge of energy you didn’t know you had. You release the infinite source of power within, and that energy comes out more and more as you overcome your resistance and tiredness.

At first it might be difficult to integrate 1-minute bursts of strong exercise throughout your day. But once you get going, it’s so easy to squeeze in those micro-workouts that enable you to make every minute meaningful.


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