Ilchi Lee’s 3 Simple Ways to Revive Your Energy for Spring

Ilchi Lee walking in flowering bushes

Put a fresh spring in your step with some simple yet deep mind-body techniques for energy clearing.

Spring is here and the temperature is gradually rising. Fresh green shoots and spring flowers are making their appearance, making the world seem new.

Just as the earth is refreshing itself after the relative cold and hibernation of winter, we can come alive by cleaning up our internal energy flow.

The qi energy that Eastern medicine says runs through our body moves through channels called meridians. We can think of them like water canals. Canals need to be kept free of debris that blocks the water flow and dirties the water. The water needs to flow freely or else it can’t stay clear and fresh.

There are many ways to shake up and flush out the debris in our energy channels. This process needs to be done daily, but it’s always good to do some deep cleaning every season. Newsletter signup banner

Here are 3 Ways to Deep Clean Your Energy

  1. Take a long walk in nature.

    If you’re able to, take a long hike in a natural setting. The energy of nature itself is cleansing and healing and moving your body keeps your energy moving. Walking also help you ground your energy so that more of it, and your mind’s awareness as well, stays in your body. Keeping your mind on your feet as you walk makes this stronger. You can do other activities in nature as well to clean your energy. The important factors are moving your body and paying attention to nature in order to soak up its energy. When we spend enough time in nature, our own energy, which comes from nature, starts to attune to it, resonate with it, instead of to all of the stress, electronics, and thoughts and emotions that normally fill up our modern lives.


  3. Put on high energy music and dance freely.

    Use your whole body, make yourself sweat, and tire yourself out. Burn up all the old energy you’ve been carrying around and didn’t even know it. Feel your body as you do it and don’t place any limitation on how you move. Let your body be free to move without your mind’s direction, and it will automatically move in the ways it needs to refresh and re-energize itself. Dance so that your heart and mind opens to welcome new energy and a new consciousness.


  5. Do Solar Energy Circuit Meditation.

    All shapes, colors, thoughts, emotions, etc. have a certain energy. That’s why we can use certain shapes and colors to change our energy. One day while meditating, I saw patterns of energy in the sunlight that I’ve decided to call “solar energy circuits.” I experimented with them and discovered that some are useful for cleaning out your energy channels. Try using them yourself by doing the following visualization:

    While sitting, standing, or lying down in a quiet spot, relax and straighten your spine. Gently close your eyes. Spend a few seconds breathing deeply to center yourself. Breathe in the energy of the present moment, then exhale the energy of the past and any expectations of the future. Repeat this until your entire body feels comfortable and relaxed.

    Then, look at the Clockwise Circuit below and start to connect to it by speaking aloud: “I now attune myself to the energy of the Clockwise Circuit. I call in the energy of the Clockwise Circuit.” Next, repeat the circuit name, “Clockwise Circuit,” to yourself as you imagine a golden-white clockwise spiral coming into your body through the top of your head.

    Clockwise Solar Energy Circuit
    [Clockwise Circuit]

    Feel your body and trust that the circuit is passing through you. If you are sensitive enough to energy, you may feel the energy of the circuit. Even if you’re not, you may feel heat, cold, vibration, and various thoughts and emotions, which are all possible effects of stagnant or blocked energy suddenly starting to move.
    Don’t try to control the energy flow. Instead, remain detached from anything you notice, simply feeling inside yourself.

    Repeat this sequence for the Counterclockwise Circuit below, which will push the stagnant or blocked energy out of your body, especially through your out-breath and your hands and feet.

    Counterclockwise Solar Energy Circuit
    [Counterclockwise Circuit]

    Do this visualization for as long as it takes to feel lighter, more relaxed, more peaceful, and more energized, or at least five to ten minutes.

    Solar Energy Circuit Meditation is even more effective after doing other exercises that burn off energy and help you concentrate, such as walking or free dancing.

* Editor’s Note: You can learn more about the solar energy circuits Ilchi Lee saw and teaches in his book, The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing.

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