5 Daily Actions for Total Transformation

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Make your life dynamic and creative with small positive actions you take every day.

Time constantly passes by, and the end of the year marks a good time for stopping and reflecting on our lives. Looking at ourselves, are we simply getting old while trying to maintain what we have? Or are we constantly growing and changing, metamorphosing into a new being each year?

Staying busy and keeping all the balls we’re juggling in the air can be easier than even thinking about change. What we have is familiar, and we may be using all our energy just to survive, overwhelmed by the stresses of living life. It may feel impossible to do more than we do now.

But is that really living? If we had a chance to feel vibrantly alive and creative, would we take it?

Despite any stress or overwhelm we may feel, despite any lack of inspiration or motivation to live differently, and despite not knowing the new direction in which we should head, change is easier than it may seem. A single moment of choice opens a new path and creation occurs. If we take actions for change every day, even small ones, and prioritize them, we will gradually give birth to a new self. These daily actions can restructure our minds and energy fields until they invite more abundance, reflect positivity, and express our inner selves.

This transformation is important, not only for our own lives, but for all of humanity and the earth. By becoming people who actively recreate themselves, we can evolve into the purest version of ourselves. This version, what I usually call our true selves, embodies empathy, compassion, wisdom, and more—the most valued qualities of humankind. As our true selves, we can build a new world on a foundation of harmonious coexistence. Newsletter signup banner

Take Transformative Action

The most important thing for change is to take action. Ideas come from action, and it is only through action that we can recognize ourselves. The self that exists in thought is not our real self. But through action, we can see ourselves clearly in reality and adjust our course.

For real change, our actions need to be consistent and positive. If we keep marching forward with a daily practice, our heavy steps will become light and our arms will become wings—like the wings of a butterfly. We have to keep going until we make it. The new birth of a new humanity and a new earth are created through the accumulation of the positive daily routines that we choose and practice.

Positivity Is Important

We may already recognize that having a positive mindset leads to better results. A positive mind brings positive change. A mind that continuously chooses victimization becomes a hindrance to everything that comes its way, but a mind that chooses affirmation becomes an environment in which all information helps us. But partial positivity is not enough. We need 100 percent positivity. Without 100 percent positivity, human history would not have been created. However, if you only have 99 percent negativity, it is the 1 percent of possibility and hope that has created a new humanity.

Having 100 percent positivity and the courage not to avoid what we need to do awakens our ability to see reality and strategies to open new paths come out. It is true and natural that a path opens to those who say they can do it. Instead of twisting our minds around the simplest truths, we just need to do it. The answer lies in action. Experience that truth. Come out of your shell. Even if we tend to be negative without realizing it, we will notice changes in ourselves once we communicate with 100 percent positive words for a while.

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Five Daily Actions

I’ve been recommending these five daily practices to everyone lately. These actions help you naturally move into a new awareness. You can adjust them to fit your situation:

  1. Have a morning and evening meditation practice. Include reading positive and inspirational messages in your practice.
  2. Get up and dance (or move around freely) whenever you feel sad, stuck, or low on energy—at least once a day.
  3. Proactively reach out to the people around you with a open heart and share positive words with them.
  4. Observe your thoughts and emotions, then choose to be 100 percent positive.
  5. Check in with yourself with sincerity and integrity. Are you completing your daily actions? Are you challenging yourself? What kind of changes are you seeing?

Now is an important time when the universe is definitely responding to any small effort we make. Our actions have an even bigger impact than before. Whatever we do, we can do it with 100 percent positivity, sincerity, responsibility, kindness, and love.

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