Worry Big

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True peace and joy come not from comfort but from heading toward a great goal.

I help people resolve their worries, but I also give them bigger things to worry about. The little worries people have are taken care of when they meet me. Instead, they are left with greater worries, concerns for achieving a vision of Hongik Ingan Ihwa Segye: a world full of people benefitting each other and coexisting harmoniously.

“Don’t try to rest,” I tell them. “Don’t seek comfort.” The path of true peace is heading toward a grand vision we’ve set, giving it everything we’ve got. Nothing is more comfortable, more peaceful than that. No fate is happier than dying while doing our work. Living only for our own safety, we’ll find it difficult to escape from personal anguish and conflict. Most people live out their lives that way.

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I can guide someone toward peace of mind, enlightenment, and great freedom. There is but one way for them to actually obtain these, though: the path toward a great vision. We will come to know what true peace and true freedom are only after we’ve accumulated merit. The joys of rest are redoubled only after hard work.

Leaving your little concerns behind, worry big. Introspection and practice are righteous worrying. Your mixed bag of small worries vanish when you encounter something big to worry about. You can obtain complete freedom when your big worries are redirected, converted into something greater.

Those worries reflect aspirations, the power of intention for a great purpose. They are the worries of your true self rather than your small self. You can establish great intentions, one by one. I hope we all establish intentions we can pass on to the next generation, a desire to help ourselves, each other, and the world.

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