Skip Worry, Just Act

Ilchi Lee - Act Right NowIn order to make wonderful memories, take action. Without action, you cannot have good memories, good experiences, or growth.

Those who “just do it” know energy and trust in the pervasive presence of divine consciousness. When thinking gets mixed in, action gets diluted and energy doesn’t get supplied to your goals and dreams.

Planning and thinking are two different things. Here, “thinking” refers to needless worries and idle thoughts that take energy for themselves and keep it trapped in an endless cycle that doesn’t go anywhere. Instead, if you make plans and just do it, the insight and awakenings that you need come to you just when you need them.

When you just do it, that’s when energy comes forth.

You become one with LifeParticles,
the purest creation energy of the universe,
and you become one with your dreams.

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