Ilchi Lee’s 3 Simple Ways to Turn Your Energy Around and Become Your Authentic Self

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Walk confidently toward a bright future with a smile and complete positivity.

Greetings from Europe! After an intense schedule in South Korea, I found myself in the vibrant capital of Spain, Madrid. As soon as I arrived, I headed to the largest park and shared some transformative Brain Education exercises. Taking a walk through the park, I couldn’t resist greeting everyone I met with a beaming smile filled with 100 percent positivity.

Coincidentally, that day marked the anniversary of my greatest awakening, which occurred after twenty-one days without food or sleep. During that profound experience, I finally discovered the truth that has shaped my life ever since:

Cosmic energy is my energy, and my energy is cosmic energy.
Cosmic consciousness is my consciousness, and my consciousness is cosmic consciousness.

This realization is not limited to me; it applies to all of us and can revolutionize our lives. I began by teaching these principles in a single park in South Korea, and now, whether I’m in Japan, Europe, the United States, or any new destination, this mission remains at the forefront of my mind.

Sharing the dreams and visions that stem from this mission is my constant endeavor, but I’ll admit, it’s not always an easy path. Continuously transforming myself is necessary to align with the destiny I’ve chosen. My ultimate goal is to be the most authentic version of myself—a beacon of light and hope for those seeking to discover their true selves. If enough of us embrace our true nature, humankind can experience a profound shift, leading to the birth of a new humanity.

We don’t need to isolate ourselves on a mountain to connect with our true essence. Simple, consistent actions can lead to powerful transformations. The key lies in cultivating 100 percent positivity. Just as I did in Madrid, we can walk with confidence, wearing a bright smile, and approach life with a positive mindset.

Here are three simple things you can do to make your energy positive and cultivate your true self:

1. Your walking steps.
Adopt a rhythmic and confident gait, straightening your posture with shoulders back and chest open. Walking with the air of a model, naturally and effortlessly, can make a remarkable difference.

2. Your facial expression.
Embrace a joyful and exciting facial expression. Don’t wait for excitement to find you; create it with your expression. Try making yourself laugh by flaring your nostrils, making funny faces, and chanting, “Positive, positive, 100 percent positive,” a few times in a strong voice. Remember to smile often, and consciously engage in a bright smile at least once every hour. You’ll feel the genuine positivity engulf you in no time.

3. Your words.
Harness the power of affirmations. Repeatedly shout out, “Positive, positive, 100 percent positive!” Witness how this shift in language transforms your energy and elevates your vibration. Remember, words have the power to either harm or heal, so choose them wisely.

The world we live in can be draining, leading us into moments of despair. During those times, let’s rise above by walking taller, laughing louder, smiling wider, and radiating blindingly brilliant love and light through this affirmation. Eventually our positivity and smiles will attract great fortune into our lives.

By following these simple practices of positivity, we can create a ripple effect of transformation in ourselves and those around us. Let us step into the world as beacons of light, illuminating the path to a brighter, more hopeful future for all.

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  • Maggie Edwards
    July 20, 2023 12:53 pm

    Thank you for helping me!
    I shall always think positive and smile!
    Nature and life is a wonderful!
    Blessings to you!
    I am 82 yrs of age but will never slow down!


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