How to Break Free from Your Small Self and Claim Your Power

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Putting in the effort and concentration to move through our outer layers can free the potential we have deep inside.

We are all coated in layers that keep us prisoner. I’m sure you’ve heard of them: our attachments, mental constructs, social systems, and personal brands. These structures enslave our consciousness and energy and prevent us from fully being who we are. They are the cause of many of our personal and societal problems.

Yet underneath those layers lies a divine energy and truth that have always been with us. It has many names, such as Tao, Oneness, Cosmic Consciousness, Source, Divinity, Grace, and more. Philosophers and masters throughout history have made us aware of this sacred part of ourselves. They’ve shed light on the potential of the human race and have carried the torch so that light would not be snuffed out by negativity, separation, greed, or a sense of lack.

Now, however, it’s not enough for a few people to carry that torch. Human consciousness is evolving, and a lot of negativity is releasing as a result. If we want to grow past the violence we see in the media, if we want our families to be healthy and happy, and if we want to be resilient as the earth changes, it’s time for us to take responsibility for breaking through our outer shell and letting our inner light shine.

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The Process of Human Evolution

The practitioners of an ancient Korean Tao practice called Sundo understood how to gain their freedom through energy. They realized that the individualized energy that existed before we were born, what I call the soul, resides in an energy center in the middle of our chests. It’s equivalent to the heart chakra. They also knew that divine energy comes down into an energy center in the center of our brains (around the location of the pineal gland; the equivalent of the sixth chakra).

When the energy in our bodies and brains becomes clear enough, and the energy in these two centers becomes strong and bright enough, then the energy in the chest rises to meet the energy in the brain. The combined energy initiates a spiritual birth through the top of the head, and we become fully enlightened and connected to universal energy and consciousness.

That’s when all the creative power talked about by experts in manifestation becomes completely operational. We have always been creating our experiences, but we become “super” creative when this “spiritual” power activates in us.

When enough of us activate this power, we can find the solutions to our global dilemmas and carry them out. We will become a new humanity, complete and fully actualized.

Starting the Process

The thing is, no one can activate this power for us. It’s part of who we are, and we need to bring it out of ourselves and use it.

To start, we can break through the shell of information that holds our sacred self hostage and strengthen our inner light.

When I first realized this more than forty years ago, I went out to a local park and taught exercises that move, clear, and strengthen the energy in the body. (They help us be healthy and happy, too.) I wanted to help as many people as possible actualize their full potential and create a peaceful, sustainable world. Although I have since developed many different methods, wrote many books, and founded many organizations, I’m still going out to the parks and reaching out to as many people as possible. I feel a sense of urgency to break through all the barriers keeping humanity restrained.

But one of the simplest and direct ways to do this is a method that doesn’t have a method. I’ve called it many names, especially Brain Wave Vibration. The best way to break free of our thoughts and preconceptions is to move without thinking.

Tips for Free Movement

woman moving her head outside
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Although there are no formulas to follow or molds to fit when you move without restraint, here are some ideas that can help your movements become deep enough to bring out your inner light.

  1. Use music. It can help you move. Choose music that feels good to you and be completely one with it. When the music flows, so, too, does your body. You have to go with the music. There are also many melodies and rhythms in our brains. Allow them to be expressed. Our brains want never-ending creation, and it manifests through our bodies.
  2. Just do it! Move as the energy leads you, as you want to move, whether you move fast or slow, hard or soft. You’ll find yourself moving in ways that are necessary for your growth, change, development, and healing. Just go with it. There’s no doing it wrong. We are natural artists. We are all creators. You don’t need to worry about what others are thinking at all.
  3. Keep moving. When you start to do it, you may feel stiff or awkward. That’s OK. The more you move, the looser you’ll become. Your mind will also calm, your breathing grow deeper, and your consciousness go within. In this meditative state, you’ll be primed to sense your deepest self.
  4. Focus within. You don’t need to be conscious of others. Tell yourself, “I alone exist between heaven and earth.” Focus solely on yourself, and pay attention to your inner landscape. When you do, you may hear messages from within, images may come to mind, and various feelings may come up. These phenomena are very natural. Paying attention entirely to your inner consciousness, your body and brain become integrated as one.

The movements of our bodies create energy and feelings, producing health, happiness, and peace. Our bodies already know which movements to make. Handing our bodies the reins while our minds remain aware leads us to infinite, complete freedom. And when we’re free, we can feel our innate divinity.

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