Your Heart Is Beating: It Is Enough

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In the quiet calm, our heartbeat can bring us back to our true, powerful selves.

When you open your eyes in the morning, put your hands on your chest. Listen quietly to the sound of your heart beating. You can hear it when you are calm and humbled, as you are now, in the innocence of waking.

We woke up for another day. Our heart is beating. Do we need more to make us grateful? Newsletter signup banner

The life force of the universe is in our body. We can sense it in our heartbeat and our breathing. We can feel the eternal vitality that is greater than our individual body. It opens our eyes and stretches our consciousness.

Our internal life force remains part of the energy of all life even while it rests in our body. We can access its limitless creative power through our brains.

We become aware of it when we clear the preconceptions in our minds and make strong connections between our brains, body, and energy.

Move your body freely, randomly, and unconditionally and energy will circulate inside it. Your brain will also light up brilliantly. Your thoughts will become positive, and you’ll gain confidence.

When we deepen the relationship between body and brain through free movement and vibration, hope and a vision will come to us. A vision we bring to light with our brain’s creative power and our body’s energy will let us expand. Then our small selves can experience genuine connection to the energy and consciousness of all life, the One from which all things are expressed.

Then all worries become manageable and all people become our people. We can take care of one another, all of us, who are linked by our heartbeat.

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