Beyond AI: The True Power of Humanity

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Use the power of technology with the power of the uniquely human combination of empathy, conscience, and introspection.

Have you noticed that everywhere you look online, there’s an AI assistant? They help you write, make images or videos, and answer your questions. In the last couple of years, the presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives has exploded. AI systems, combined with “smart” appliances and other home features, and the mini-computers that are almost constantly in our hands, has made computerized technology an intimate part of our lives. This type of technology doesn’t only make our lives more convenient; it changes how we think and interact with each other.

Today’s advanced technologies put more information than ever before at our fingertips. They allow individuals lying in their beds create content it used to take whole crews to make. And they let us see the faces of our friends and family on another continent when we talk to them. It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of instant connection and seemingly superhuman intelligence. However, we don’t need to be awed or afraid of technology’s rapidly emerging capabilities if we keep in mind some of humanity’s important and distinct characteristics: empathy, conscience, and introspection. Newsletter signup banner

True connection, the kind that changes lives in a fulfilling way, requires these innate human qualities. And in a world where intellectual ability is no longer unique to humans, what we do with information and intelligence becomes increasingly important. Through the human qualities of empathy, conscience, and introspection, communication can touch hearts and intelligence can turn into wisdom.

Inject Heart into Technology, Turn Intelligence into Wisdom

Empathy allows us to feel other people, other life, and other objects as if they are ourselves. It provides motivation for us to voluntarily act in ways that help others. Through introspection, we gain insight from our experience and can process information through this lens in a more profound way. Introspection goes beyond the workings of our conscious mind. It involves awareness of our body and its feelings as well as paying attention to the voice of our conscience. Our conscience lets us know when the information we encounter aligns with the greater truth of the universe. By listening to our conscience, we can choose the truth even at the risk of personal disadvantage, and we can prioritize the good of all even when the interests of the whole conflict with our own.

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The marrying of intellectual ability with empathy, introspection, and conscience is humanity’s superpower. Humans alone have this combination. Because of it, humanity also has hope. We have the potential to make choices based on this superpower and guide our species to an abundant future on a vibrant earth. What I call a “New Humanity” completely utilizes this superpower for the good of all.

In the end, our methods of communication or decision-making aren’t as important as using them with our hearts. So, let’s embrace technology, but let’s not forget the importance of human connection. Let’s use technology to bring people together, to create a more harmonious and sustainable world.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about our relationship to technology in Ilchi Lee’s book, The Art of Coexistence: How You and I Can Change the World.

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