Ilchi Lee’s Meditation for Love and Blessings Every Day

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You are love and you are blessings. All you have to do is realize it and let it flow from you. Then you will have a rich life.

“I am Love and I am Blessings.”

Do you believe that statement?

Each one of us can claim this because we are human. Love and blessings are part of the nature of our higher selves. It’s who we are and what we can share.

If we can’t feel the love and blessings we naturally are, then the flow of our life energy—our qi, ki, chi, or prana—is sluggish or blocked in one or more places inside us. Love and blessings may even be encased behind thick walls of emotional and mental trauma in our hearts and minds. Luckily, those blockages and walls can be dissolved.

Though we may worry about the world, if we can feel the love and blessings inside us, if we feel them flowing through us, then we are loving and blessing the world in everything we do. The projects and goals we are working on will also be blessed and will resolve themselves for the highest good.

Do you want to feel the love and blessings that you are?

Here is one energy meditation you can practice regularly to keep your energy flowing and gain that sense. Newsletter signup banner

Energy Meditation for Revealing Yourself

  1. Sit with the bottom of your trunk firmly against the floor or a chair and reach the top of your head toward the sky.
  2. Take a few slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth while feeling the air pass in and out of your body.
  3. Bring your hands in front of your chest and rotate them rapidly–as fast as you can. Next, rub your palms together as fast as possible for about ten seconds, until they feel hot. Finally, clap your hands together firmly ten times.
  4. Now, face your palms toward each other a few inches apart, holding them at the level of your chest. Feel any heat, tingling, or other sensations on your hands.
  5. Keep your mind on these sensations as you inhale and separate your palms from each other. Exhale and bring them closer together.
  6. Repeat this motion for a couple of minutes and let your mind relax into the movement.
  7. Then bring your hands on either side of your temples. Inhale and move your hands away from your head. Exhale and move them closer. You are moving the energy blockages in your brain with the movement of your hands. Imagine a bright light growing from the center of your brain. It is also dissolving the blockages.
  8. Now bring your hands back down to chest level. Imagine that the earth can fit between your hands. It’s there, glowing and hovering, giving you love and energy.
  9. Repeat the hand motion and let your heart open. Send love and energy back to the earth with your hands. Your love knows no bounds. It can envelop the whole earth and more.
  10. Afterward, take the earth and put it inside your abdomen below your navel. In essence, you are the earth and the earth is you.
  11. Move your palms toward and away from your abdomen, fortifying and grounding your connection with the earth.
  12. Finally, rest your hands on your knees. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

How did you feel after the meditation? Did you feel more open or calmer?

If you are not used to doing this kind of meditation, it may be hard to feel much at first. However, whether or not you can feel it, your heart and mind will have started to open, and your energy will be flowing a little better. You may feel gradual changes throughout your day as time passes. The more you practice this meditation, the more you will open. You will reach a point at which your mind will be tuned into your body and its energy so that you can feel it. Your energy will also open more easily and quickly each time you practice, and you will be able to feel deeper places inside you opening.

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