woman planting sprouts

Poem: Earth Whispers

[Photo by simonapilolla via Envato Elements] Earth whispers with a voice gentle and soft Land is my bosom Sea is…
You Create Your Brain - Ilchi Lee YouTube video

[Video] What Is Not Your Brain?

Your head is filled with information. Some of that information can cloud who you really are. If you can discover…
4 leaf clover in cupped hands

Make Hard Work Your Lucky Charm


People do many things for luck. We may carry a rabbit’s foot, wish on a shooting star, or do a cheer before a big event. We wish each other luck and have special phrases such as “break a leg.”

older man meditating in snow

We Can Create Peace


Peace can seem far away at times. But if we remain true to our true selves, we always have the means to express it in ourselves and in our lives.