We Can Create Rainbows

rainbow on a hand
[Photo by YNG Pictures via iStockPhoto]

Without light, there is no rainbow.
There is light, so there is a rainbow.

Originally, rainbows do not exist. There is no such thing, yet there is. There is, yet there is no such thing.

A rainbow is just a rainbow.
A rainbow appears and disappears.

It is so beautiful and touching—the meeting, parting, and collision of sunlight and water that is a rainbow.

People look for rainbows. We look for illusions and happiness. Success is something that doesn’t exist, but we search for it.

Everything is a phenomenon of life. Yet there is a reality beyond the phenomenon. We are able to know that reality. We can see the phenomenon of life from the zero point.

At our essence, we are zero. We can create anything and are the creator of everything.

These times now, what are they for us?
They are the time to become an owner. It’s time to be conscious authors of our reality. The creators of creation.

We can create rainbows together.

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