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Discover how profound positivity rooted in Tao consciousness can help you overcome the fear of unrealistic optimism and unlock your potential to create real-life miracles.

Can one have too much positivity? Does looking on the bright side seem unrealistic or unintelligent?

You may have heard that to achieve a goal or dream, we need to be positive. We need to make positive vibes and believe we can achieve something, even if it seems impossible. On the other hand, doing so may feel foolish. We may not want to be seen as silly or may be afraid that being too positive may gloss over issues we need to face realistically instead.

So what’s the best approach?

In my experience, positivity is not toxic. It creates miracles.

Positivity Is Intelligent

A discerning person may seem smart to others; using our discernment may seem sensible. However, discernment and intelligence are two different things. I would call someone truly intelligent if they have the consciousness of what I refer to as “kingly,” “great,” or “noble” positivity. A person with this consciousness can understand a situation clearly and make accurate predictions. But they can also see beyond these.

The consciousness of noble positivity is a Tao consciousness. As such, it exists beyond the boundary between positive and negative and is aware of the infinite potential that lies at the source of all creation. It can see the light of hope in any situation and find the way to hope.

When our minds and hearts are firmly rooted in the noble positivity of a Tao consciousness, we are able to imagine and affirm what we want into reality. We have the conviction that we can bridge the gap between dreams and reality and make the impossible possible. Positivity forms this bridge.

Using Noble Positivity

If we want to solve real problems, rather than sticking to what makes sense given the current circumstances, we can adopt a nobly positive consciousness. With a positive mindset and the conviction that a solution exists, we can call answers to our minds and discover the best actions to take. The ability to do this is the highest power of Tao—and we all have it.

Rather than being foolish optimism, noble positivity comes from an inner knowing. It’s rooted in a secure connection to the essence of everything. This knowing and connection is a natural function of our brains. Having noble positivity means we respect and trust the brain and its inherent operating system. With this respect and trust, our brains help us create unexpected miracles. Newsletter signup banner

Miracle Creation Method

Try this meditation sequence if you want to maintain a profoundly positive mindset and hone your ability to imagine the reality you want to create.

  1. Decide on a goal.
  2. Look in a mirror and state your goal clearly. Then say, “I can do it. It will come true.”
  3. Vividly visualize your goal happening. Imagine how you will feel when it does.
  4. Press your navel in and out 360 times while looking in a mirror (Belly Button Healing). You can use the middle three fingers of each hand togetheror a blunt, stick-like tool. Keep a smile on your face as you get to know your facial expressions. This rhythmic moving meditation will help your energy and blood circulate and gather energy in your core while making your brain feel calmer, activated, and more positive.
  5. Amplify this effect with Brain Wave Vibration. Tap a point along the midline of your body that is two inches below your navel. Use alternating fists in a steady rhythm. Once you are comfortable tapping, shake your head from side to side as well, pivoting around the top of your neck. Feel the vibrations you’re creating in your abdomen. Practice this exercise for five minutes.
  6. Afterward, sit with your back straight and allow yourself to breathe comfortably yet deeply. Imagine bright golden energy entering your body from the top of your head and then passing through your entire body. Meditate this way for another five minutes.
  7. Then, stand up and walk briskly, either moving forward or in place. With your arms extended down, swing them lightly, palms facing the direction you’re walking and fingers straight. Focus on your feet as you gather more energy to your body and mind for five minutes with this form of Energy Walking.
  8. Next, increase the power of your mind by increasing the power of your body. Practice strengthening exercises for five minutes. Try push-ups, sit-ups, holding a plank posture, and the like. Use the strong exercises to keep your mind focused on your body.
  9. Now that your mind is connected to the vibrations of noble positivity, say your goal out loud one more time while picturing it in your head. Imagine bright, golden energy going toward that picture.

Embracing noble positivity allows us to transcend the ordinary and tap into the extraordinary potential within us. It’s not about ignoring challenges or being unrealistically optimistic but about harnessing the power of a deeply rooted, intelligent positivity that comes from a profound connection to the essence of life.

By practicing the Miracle Creation Method, we align our minds, bodies, and spirits with the boundless energy of the universe. This alignment enables us to face any situation with unwavering confidence and creativity. Let us cultivate this noble positivity, respect the natural power of our brains, and trust in our ability to create miracles.

Remember, with noble positivity, anything is possible.

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