If You Choose It, It Will Happen . . . According to the Operating System of the Brain [The Third Rule]

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We create our lives by completely choosing what we want.

Choices are the source of all creation in the world. Nothing happens unless we make choices. They start with a wish and an intention in our minds, become transformed into action with our bodies, and create ripples that bring our wishes back to us in the material world.

The driver of our choices is our brains. The brain sets the intentions, directs our actions, evaluates the results, and responds as necessary. They perceive the opportunities that come to us and make the connections needed for our choices to come true. Because of this capability of our brains, I’ve realized that the third law out of five of our Brain Operating System—the “software” of our brain—is:

If you choose it, it will happen.

I firmly believe that whatever you choose will happen . . . eventually, and potentially with a lot of energy and effort. Most of our choices can’t occur only by wishing on a star, nor can praying alone bring them about (although it’s a start). They need for us to act on them.

You may be wondering how this rule could possibly be true in all cases. Many of us have faced failure, and so many negative events seem to happen every day. But, oftentimes, when we think we’re making a choice, we’re not really choosing. Newsletter signup banner

So what is a real choice?

  1. Having a clear goal. Without knowing exactly what we want, our mind and energy will be vague about it. It will also be difficult to plan and act for it.
  2. Saying, “I will do it,” rather than, “I would like to do it,” or, “I’ll give it a try.” Our brains need to be clear that we are completely certain of what we want and what we will do. Then they will start working on our choice in small and large ways, and our environment will start changing to support that choice. On the other hand, if our attitude is, “I’ll try,” though we may seem to be working hard, a part of our minds is trying to find excuses just in case things don’t work out.
  3. Taking action with 100 percent of our energy. The more energy we put toward something, the more likely it will manifest. If we hold back even a little bit, we may fall short of our goal.
  4. Acting without hesitation. If we hesitate after making a choice, we’ll probably feel miserable and insecure, and may not even start. Plus, our hesitation may lead to failure.
  5. Not giving up until our goal has been achieved. When we make a choice, we may not know how much energy it needs in order for it to come about. If we keep building up energy, we’ll eventually have enough to create our choice.
  6. Staying positive no matter what happens. Of course, it’s natural to feel bad about setbacks and challenges, but staying in that negativity will hold us back. If we switch to a positive perspective as soon as we can, we’re allowing what we want to come to us. We’re also giving ourselves the confidence and energy to try again. As the saying goes, “Whether we think we can or we think we can’t, we’re right.”
  7. Keeping focused on our goal. Otherwise, it won’t have a chance to happen. According to one important principle of energy, where our minds go, energy flows. The more we keep our minds on our goal, the more energy we give to it. Our focus also let’s us recognize when new avenues toward our goal open up and helps us make connections between the people, places, and things that will bring our goal together. With constant focus, we can take advantage of every moment and not detour from our destination for even a second.
  8. Breaking through obstacles. If we plunge headlong into solving the problems we encounter, then we’ll surely break through any roadblocks.
If you choose it, it will happen. It's what our brains do. Share on X

The choices we make today dictate our future. The power of those choices comes from the brain, not only its neural pathways, but the divine energy existing in the brain that’s connected to the creative power and wisdom of the universe. With that power, there isn’t anything we can’t do. As long as we don’t give up, reaching our goals is as natural as an apple falling from a tree from gravity.

I find a lot of hope in this natural ability—hope for myself, my people, and the future of the planet.

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