Good News Makes a Good Brain: The Second Rule of the Brain Operating System

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Information affects the state of our thoughts and emotions, which influences every part of our lives.

It’s hard to find good news in the media lately. When you hear good news in the morning, do you feel good or bad? When you hear very bad news, do you feel good or bad? It’s obvious to see that good news makes us feel good. And what are feelings? They’re the state of our brains.

Information changes the brain. The messages we hear or that we tell ourselves changes the brain waves and all cells in the body. When good information enters our heads, hormone levels and brain waves change, which causes emotions to change, and finally, the body changes and various previously paralyzed areas of the mind are resuscitated.

Positive information makes positive changes. It lets our brains function optimally. Our brains can be the most productive, peaceful, connected, and creative when they are running on positive information. They become “good brains.”

This is the second law of what I call the Brain Operating System (BOS). The Brain Operating System is a way of comparing your brain to a computer. Brain cells are the hardware, and thoughts, ideas, and functions are the software. The laws of the BOS are how we consciously run the brain’s software, which lets us manage our whole brain and all of its functions.

What Is Good News

So I always suggest a steady diet of positive information. Such good news doesn’t need to be big. Even if we notice small things, if we point them out to our brains frequently, they will transform our brains into good brains. Just like our bodies stay healthy if we feed ourselves a healthy diet of food, our brains stay healthy (and consequently the rest of us), if we feed them a healthy diet of positive information. It’s part of having healthy habits. It only really works if it becomes a part of our lives.

Giving ourselves good news can sometimes mean making the best of a less than positive situation and changing our perspective. We can transform what looks like bad news into good news when we look closely or flip how we see things around. And the most potent positive news are the ones we choose to give ourselves, rather than the ones the world displays to us.

After giving ourselves good news, it’s also important to give good news to others. We can share positive information with them and give them praise. Sharing good news will help others have a good brain, which will make more good news. This positive reinforcement cycle will grow and grow until all the good brains making good news will add up to a good world.

Bad news doesn’t only include negative information about ourselves or about the world. It also includes the desires of our egos. While our egos serve an important function, it’s our true selves that are most important. When we pay more attention to our true selves and their existential and infinite value, our brains take in that information. This is the healthiest information we can ingest. As that information works in our brains, our lives turn into ones lived for our true selves instead of our small egos. Newsletter signup banner

Develop Positive Information into a Belief System

Positive information doesn’t change much once it has been organized, systemized, and developed into a belief system. Such information ends up creating positive brain waves and enables us to do everything with confidence in a proactive way. Then negative information has little effect.

To ensure that healthy brain waves can always be maintained, we systematize our positive information so that it creates our entire worldview. The positive wavelengths generated by belief suppress negative wavelengths.

In contrast with this, those who lack systemized positive information, or in whom negative information has been systemized, are extremely slow in starting some work or always fail to be active about it. Such people, because of information, become enslaved by negative information.

The way to maintain a positive brain-wave state is to choose a vision and install a system of mechanisms by which we can always return to the brain waves we want. Regularly practicing breathing and meditation techniques helps us return our brain waves to a positive state anytime.

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Good News Makes Good Lives and a Good World

Good habits change destiny. The more positive information we have in our brains, the more our outer lives will reflect this inner reality.

Having a positive worldview or being able to find the positive in any situation lets us see new possibilities in our lives. It helps us meet the situations and people we need to succeed and take actions toward our goals.

The present version of ourselves formed based on information from the past. Because we can choose the information we use in our lives, we have authority over the version of ourselves we’ll see in the future. All those ideas of, “I have pain here, this part of me is problematic, I can do this thing but not that thing,” are not permanent. Even if we see those ideas, we can choose to focus on positive ideas instead.

The brain keeps creating good news when it has become a good brain. When many people consciously and actively choose a positive brain state and share it with others, we could not help but create a more positive world.

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