[Video] Eating Mindfully and Playfully

You may have heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” I would add to that, “You are how you eat.” How much and what kinds of food we put into our bodies directly influences their physical make-up. It determines their size and whether they have the building materials to do what they need to do. Regardless of what we eat, however, if we eat it with stress, our bodies won’t be able to use it well. And if we eat without paying attention, we may end up eating more than we need to.

Instead, I recommend fully giving our attention to our food as we eat. In fact, we can make eating into a time for meditation. Try this Mind Eating Meditation whenever you eat:

Even if you meditate while you eat, eating doesn’t have to be serious. I play with my food. Sometimes, I put together unique flavors, and other times, I challenge myself to use utensils with my non-dominant hand. Try out these fun food combinations I made, or even make your own:

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