Make Hard Work Your Lucky Charm

Do your best and let the universe do the rest.

People do many things for luck. We may carry a rabbit’s foot, wish on a shooting star, or do a cheer before a big event. We wish each other luck and have special phrases such as “break a leg.”

I would like to suggest another thing we can do: work hard with sincerity and gratitude.

That idea may seem counterintuitive. After all, luck is literally defined as “the force that causes things, especially good things, to happen to you by chance and not as a result of your own efforts or abilities.” And we know that no matter how hard we work, bad luck can still come our way.

Luck can appear random, yet at the same time, human beings still try their best to get some of it. The things we do for luck are meant to bring out or activate that force in our own favor.

Make the Energy of Luck

While hard work, sincerity, and gratitude may not cause luck to come our way directly, they do create a mindset that connects with luck’s source, which I believe is the source of life. Sincerity and gratitude are characteristics of the source of life; they’re part of our true nature. When we connect to this source through sincerity and gratitude, life may seem to flow miraculously. Combined with hard work, they also consistently give energy to whatever we’re working toward, and that also makes good things more likely to come our way.

I’ve noticed this in my own life. As an avid golfer, I’ve heard other golfers say that success in the game is 30 percent effort and 70 percent luck. In my younger days, I had trouble believing this saying, but the more I played, the more I found it to be true.

I’ve also heard athletes in other sports as well as entertainers and business people say, “I was lucky,” when asked about their success. However, if you look at their stories, you can see the years of effort and dedication they put into their craft. I believe their hard work made it easier for luck to find them.

That’s why they say, “Do your best, and let the universe do the rest.”

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If You Choose It, It Will Happen

Luck factors into one of the five principles of what I’ve dubbed our Brain Operating System (BOS): if you choose it, it will happen. Truly choosing something involves consistency, focus, and effort. It requires not giving up. Then your brain finds solutions to problems, answers to questions, and responses to opportunities. With such focus and drive, both bad luck and good luck can be drawn to us, but ultimately, what we’ve chosen will come to pass.

Some part of our endeavors are up to luck, but just as we’re more likely to help someone who is trying really hard, we’ll get more help if we do as much as we can.

Whatever goal I’ve worked toward brought many obstacles, but in the end, it also brought success. Hard work with sincerity and gratitude is my four-leaf clover.

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