The Power of Love and Devotion

young pig at Earth Farm
Lucky the Pig

Each of us is a precious, precious being. That’s how I feel about everyone I meet. They feel like a destined connection that I was meant to have. Even the chickens, goats, cows, and cats we have here at the Earth Farm in New Zealand are precious, and the flowers are also precious.

That’s why when one of our pigs, whom I call Lucky, ate a poisonous plant and couldn’t get up, I was determined to save him. The veterinary hospital and other people who saw Lucky said that he would likely die, and so he should be euthanized to reduce his suffering. But I couldn’t just give up on him like that when he was a precious life that had come to me.

I decided that I would pour out all my devotion and do my best all the way to the end with love. I used BHP Energy Healing and detox acupuncture and gave him water and formula. I bathed him and kept stimulating his brain. After one day, Lucky was able to get up, but he was weak and walked with difficulty. With time and effort, Lucky got stronger. Now when I come to see him, he comes out and greets me, and we go for walks together too. This is what you can do with love and the natural health methods of Brain Education.

Like Lucky, many of us are going through a difficult time right now. We may be sick, or many of the things we have been trying to build have slowed down or ended altogether. But if I think about it, especially when I have a big dream, there weren’t any times that weren’t hard. But I was able to endure and persevere thanks to the help of all the precious people around me, all the ones who shared my dream and pursued it together.

Right now, COVID-19 and the financial hardships that have come with it are a crisis and also a chance to be real and authentic. When times are tough like this, what’s real and what’s fake are meant to naturally be exposed. It just naturally comes to the surface.

I firmly believe that the two keys with which we can overcome this crisis and opportunity are love and togetherness. If we come together with love, we can do anything. But these keys can only work with our genuineness and devotion.

Now is our chance to show this. It’s a time for people in each country, and people in different countries, to work together to solve humanity’s problems with compassion, gratitude, and love. That includes love of self, love of family, love of nation, and love of Earth. We can save each other by not giving up on each other.

Each of us is a precious being. We each have value that cannot be measured, and we each have limitless potential. We can recognize it in ourselves first, take care of ourselves, and then take care of others. We can be grateful and happy about the little things, and we can make ourselves brighter so that we shine the light of love out to the world.

Take a Look at Lucky

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