Aim Beyond Limiting Beliefs

Ilchi Lee shooting a bow and arrow

In my spare time nowadays, I like practicing archery. I usually use two different types of bow. One is designed to shoot arrows fifty meters, and the other, made for athletes, is designed to shoot them one hundred meters. But there’s no law that says you can only shoot up to fifty meters with a fifty-meter bow. So I decided to shoot a target 200 meters away with it. This is a good challenge for my brain, I thought.

The first two arrows I aimed at the target didn’t reach it, but I thought, let me try one more time. Then the third arrow hit the board with the 200-meter target. The moment the arrow hit, the people around me were astonished and people who heard about it came rushing over. Then I went for a one hundred-meter target and managed to get a bullseye. It was a good day.

That day demonstrated that no matter what information you are given or limitations you think there are, if you choose it, you can make it. A bow is just a tool. Just because the tool you have isn’t ready or has some shortcomings, that doesn’t mean you can’t do what you’re aiming for. There are no restrictions on choosing and challenging yourself. If you accept a challenge, there are plenty of ways to make it happen. But if you tell yourself that it’s not going to work before you try it, then it definitely won’t work. Expecting a negative outcome and being afraid without even trying is the first component you have to eliminate whenever you make a choice and set a clear goal.

I made a choice that day. I had a clear goal that I intended to achieve, and I had a tool for that target. I wasn’t the one who had decided that the ability of the tool was fifty meters. That was pre-existing information, and it wasn’t something I had experienced myself. Information is only information; only what I’ve tried for myself is real. I decided clearly on my target, aimed, and put my energy into firing. And it hit.

Mistakes can happen, but when they did, I fired again, and the arrow stuck. I made it; I succeeded. The joy I experienced at that moment is the joy of having a goal.

Would you say that it happened because of good luck? Good luck also comes when I make a clear choice.

Even if I had failed, I would have at least confirmed that the bow could send an arrow farther than fifty meters. Since there would be other learning and ideas found in that failure, that’s also something to be glad about.

Whatever you want, you have to choose it for it to happen. The power of your choice comes from your brain, not only the neurons firing, but the divine energy in your brain that is connected to the creative power and wisdom of the universe. With that power, there isn’t anything you can’t do. If you live this one day today with that conviction and with assertiveness and self-assurance, you’ll do more than make your dreams come true.

When you picture a clear goal in your mind, like an arrow hitting a 200-meter target, the bright and great light of the divine energy in your brain can melt away all of your preconceptions and worries. Instead of that negative information, the information of your goal being achieved will turn into energy. Believe in your goal and act with this energy, and total transformation, endless evolution will occur inside and around you. The energy you put into action will manifest as phenomena in your life that will lead to success.

I hope that you too can experience the joy of challenging yourself to surpass preconceived limitations and make a life of your choice.

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