Why Humanity Needs to Grow Up Now

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How can we drag humanity away from the brink of destruction?

We’ve experienced so much change in the world. Even now, the change continues, and much of it hasn’t been for the better.

I’ve been feeling a constant sense of urgency about it. As I explore Sedona, Arizona once again, I feel the earth calling out to me for help. I keep thinking of ways to help the earth because we’ve come to a time that if people aren’t concerned for the earth, humankind is going to face collective destruction together with the earth.

Although there are small ways we can all adjust our lifestyle to be earth-friendly, in a bigger sense, I believe the answer lies in what I’ve been calling Earth Management.

Management at the Earth Level

Many people may have thought that human beings cannot manage the whole earth. People typically only look at pieces of the earth or fight over small bits. They may assume that the earth can take care of herself or that the earth’s care is left up to a higher power.

But now we’re in a time when we can zoom out and reduce the scale of the earth to see everything from a greater perspective. We can see the greater forces at play, and it’s become obvious how interconnected we all are. From this perspective, we can manage these forces so that they work for the good of all.

I liken our relationship with the earth to a child’s relationship with their parents. We can say that the earth is our mother and heaven is our father. When we’re babies, we rely on our mothers and fathers for all our needs; they’re not there for us to manage or operate. But when a child matures and their parents become older and weaker or sick, then the adult child has to look after their parents.

In the same way, humankind has been dependent on the earth for so long. So far, we could throw out all our trash and do everything, and we thought it wouldn’t permanently pollute the earth because the earth is able to self-clean and self-purify itself. We’ve thought the earth had this unlimited ability to recover from damage and abuse. But that is no longer the case, and now we’ve put the earth in a situation from which it might not be able to recover.

So now we need to protect the earth, and humankind in the process. But more proactively, I think we’ve become powerful enough as a species that we need to manage and take care of the earth. Newsletter signup banner

What’s the Secret to Managing the Earth?

The prerequisite for taking care of the earth is having an Earth Management consciousness. This comes from knowing that the earth and ourselves are one—that heaven, earth, and human are one.

That One is the seat of everything. It’s the zero point field and observer consciousness. It’s a place beyond life and death and time and space. That place lies at the center of everything. There, we find infinite creation, boundless love, and ultimate freedom. When we look at the world from that place, we realize that we have to take really good care of the earth.

At the zero point, we see a world we cannot see with our five senses. We hear a world we cannot hear with our five senses. Reality becomes unreal, and unreality becomes real. But the important thing is that when our minds and hearts come together as one, then we can take humankind off its course toward collective destruction.

This place of oneness is not somewhere we can get to by hearing about it. Nor do we get there by only working hard. We have it already. All we have to do is wake it up and experience it. How do we wake it up? We can only do it through our purest mind and heart.

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A Culture of Oneness

We don’t need to be special to realize this, however. It should be normal for any adult to feel that oneness. The time as come when this kind of enlightenment should be common sense.

All of the people on earth have to have the desire and intention for peaceful coexistence with each other and the earth, or we won’t be able to solve the earth’s problems. We can’t just leave it to someone else—to governments, religions, or politics—to solve the problems of humankind for us. A lot of us have already realized that’s not going to happen.

So in this era we need a new normal. And in the center of that, there’s all the people who earnestly want peace and want to help the earth.

We don’t have much time. The earth doesn’t have much time. We need to have a huge shift in consciousness within the next three to five years, or humankind really is going to come to an end. Or, if we change, we can have a golden millennium where everyone thrives together.

Even if we live just one day, or just one hour, I hope we live as Earth Managers who realize oneness and care for the earth.

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  • Marion Feasey
    August 18, 2022 1:37 pm

    Thank you Thank you. I’m so happy and grateful to find this blog of 18 August in my inbox this morning. I will share it as far and wide and deep as I can ❤️ 🌎


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