Brain Power

wright brothers choosing to fly

Wings of Choice

Ilchi Lee talks about the creative power of our brains using the endeavors of the Wright brothers as an example.…
music notes

The Secret of Three Songs

Do you have three songs you can sing with confidence? If you don’t, start practicing today. If you sing a…
Ilchi Lee

Your Brain on Music

Music is very basic and intrinsic to human societies. We can see its interconnection with various cultures throughout history. There…
faces in different emotions

Do You Do Face Reading?


Your choices in life are reflected in your face. Determine your own destiny by the actions you take. Believe in your brain and have a grand dream, and you will have a beautiful face.

young woman hugging her self in front of a background of pink hearts

Comfort the World

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Hope Message: For those who know how to comfort themselves can comfort others, and their heart is big enough to comfort the world.