young woman in a sweater drinking a hot drink

How to Keep Your Energy Cup Full


We may not always realize it, but many of us have energy leaks. We give energy away without refilling it, and our condition and habits may not retain the energy we do try to refill. No matter how much we care about our lives or other people, if we can’t fill up our energy, we’ll feel dissatisfied and frustrated.

Ilchi Lee’s 3 Bite-sized Ways to Beat Holiday Stress


The holiday festivities may bring many people joy and light, but at the same time, they may also bring stress and worry. There’s plenty of useful and good advice out there for how to deal with stress and worry. I’d like to offer you three more that you can do in a moment.

young woman meditating outside in soft sunlight

How to Clear Up Emotional Messes Every Day


By focusing our attention on cosmic consciousness, we receive cosmic energy, which purifies emotional energy and lets us watch our emotions with detachment.