sun over a grassy field

The Sun in the Shade


We all have positive and negative aspects we can use harmoniously to achieve a great dream for humanity. Let your inner sun shine through the emotions and desires that cover it.

sunrise behind hazy hills and a lonely tree

One Day, One Night

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Anyone who wants to can reach a state of enlightenment in which you become one with the divinity in your brain. Then you will experience the infinite potential and vitality of life and radiate a beautiful inner light.

Looking with Both Heart and Mind

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By looking at reality through both your heart and mind, you can develop a deeper and wider perspective. With this perspective, you can reach any destination you seek, and enjoy the scenery along the way.

faces in different emotions

Do You Do Face Reading?


Your choices in life are reflected in your face. Determine your own destiny by the actions you take. Believe in your brain and have a grand dream, and you will have a beautiful face.

Ilchi Lee's wife

My Wife


Ilchi Lee expresses his appreciation for his wife, who has supported him and worked by his side.

books on Ilchi Lee's shelf

Study of My Workspace #2: A Life of Honest Poverty or Honest Wealth?


Should we live a life of honest poverty or honest wealth? What’s important is the word “honest,” which in this case means making a choice to live by certain upright principles. In this next installment of Ilchi Lee’s study of his workspace, he compares the simple life of the Buddhist monk Beopjeong, whose books sit on his shelf, to that of the affluent Choi family. Which life would you choose?

Ilchi Lee's room

My Room, Myself


Ilchi Lee begins to introduce a room he uses to work, play, and study, in order to explore how to live a long life full of health and vitality.

sliced aloe on a plate

My Adventure with Aloe


Even the smallest actions and obstacles can teach life lessons. Here Ilchi Lee shares what he learned during one dinnertime adventure.