Finding Your Own Rhythm

As a young child, I had a weak body and I was also very shy. I couldn’t imagine singing or dancing in front of people. I struggled throughout my years as a teenager, asking “Why?” to myself and the world. Everything was so unfamiliar, and try as I might, I couldn’t get used to it; sometimes I would look up at the sky in desperation, and shout, “Who put me in this world without my permission?”

After I awakened to Chunjikiun (Cosmic Energy) and Chunjimaum (Cosmic Mind) through my enlightenment, everything became different. The world that had previously been so unfamiliar came closer to me and I melted into it. My body, which had made me feel uncomfortable and confined, almost as though I’d been caged in some sort of prison, suddenly felt very comfortable. As soon as I felt completely one with myself, a slew of creative senses, along with ideas and inspiration, began to arise from within me like exploding fireworks. I came to sing and dance, play the flute and drums, and write calligraphy and poetry.

Through this process, I realized that expressing yourself when you’re feeling complete oneness with yourself is the essential nature of art and creation. Within that sense of oneness, you’re able to focus completely on yourself, and the life inside of you blooms fully with a distinct rhythm. When you express that rhythm of life confidently, without fear or shame or any criticism, all of it becomes art.

The important thing is to find your own rhythm and to keep expressing it. Amidst the process of expressing yourself in this way, you develop a deeper affinity with yourself, and your focus is intensified. If you only imitate other peoples’ rhythms rather than finding your own, you may do a brilliant job of copying, but it won’t be real creation.

Over the next few posts, I hope to discuss principles and ways to find your rhythm and express yourself. I may ask you to sing or dance, or even write poetry—I might ask you to do many things. I hope that you set aside all your worries and anxieties and let yourself play. Have fun, and enjoy the process. If you don’t feel a sense of joy and satisfaction, you can’t be fully engaged, and a sense of awkwardness interferes with your self-expression. If you’re feeling awkward, it’s only natural for those who are watching to feel awkward as well.

In the next post, I’ll discuss the subject of how to find your voice through singing. Are you ready?

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