In Full Bloom


This practical book bursts through the myths that surround the aging of the brain, encouraging older adults to take an active role in keeping their brain health in top condition for life. Based on Ilchi Lee’s five-step Brain Education method and the latest findings in neuroscience, it is a guide to getting the most out of life, especially in its last third, by using the brain to its maximum potential.

Human Technology


Ilchi Lee presents a toolkit for self-reliant management of the core issues of life: health, family, and life purpose. Meditation, breath-work, and Asian healing arts are offered as personal health management skills. A distinctive perspective on relationships and an inspirational guide to discover one’s passionate life purpose are featured. This book also includes a practical guide to optimize our life’s master controller–the brain.

Healing Society


Ilchi Lee’s first book released in English, it reached #1 in overall sales ranking within a month of publication. The author emphasizes throughout the book that enlightenment is not just for a select few, but available to everyone. This book includes stories of the author’s personal experiences in his quest to find the meaning of life.

Neuroscience Letters scientific journal cover

New Research on Brain Wave Vibration


A new study published in the international journal Neuroscience Letters showed that regular practitioners of Ilchi Lee’s Brain Wave Vibration were less stress, had more positive emotions, and had higher dopamine levels in their blood.

Cheonan, South Korean - Global Cyber University - Institute of Korean Cultural Studies

Dream Comes True with Cyber University

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The new Global Cyber University opened on March 2, 2010 with 490 students. Five years in the making, this online university will offer degrees in departments such as Human Services, Global Business Management, and Korean Cultural Studies. As the president and founder, Ilchi Lee hopes that students will imbibe the philosophy of Hong Ik–widely benefiting all humanity.